The SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB tenkeyless mechanical keyboard and full-size M750 keyboard are down to $89.99 on Amazon. This is a price match of a sale going on for one day only at Best Buy. We haven't seen these keyboards drop this low since August last year.

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SteelSeries M750 TKL mechanical keyboard

This is a one-day sale since it's simply matching Best Buy. We haven't seen the keyboard drop this low in more than six months.

$89.99 $120 $30 off

The tenkeyless design means no number pad on the side so you can keep your mouse closer to you, which results in a wider range of motion and less fatigue over the course of long gaming sessions. It's a better choice for intense gamers, but the full-size keyboard is also great if you prefer having the number access on the side. The mechanical switches are SteelSeries' QX2, which have a low force requirement and linear actuation point. The keyboard is made with an aluminum alloy for durability, has real-time Discord lighting notifications, and RGB custom lighting. Users give the series 4.4 stars based on 162 reviews.

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