One simple way to gain a bit more freedom around your home is to install this 4-pack of motion-activated Mr. Beams MB854 LED lights for $31.17. That's the lowest this multi-pack has ever gone and drops the price of each individual light to just $7.79. The discount only applies to the white model at present.


Mr. Beams Slim LED Light with Motion Sensor

There's no need to spend a ton of money on smart home gear to get a little bit of automated lighting in areas of your home that need it. Instead, just grab these discounted motion-sensing lights for under $8 apiece.

$31.17 $40.00 $9 off

Each LED provides 35 lumens of light in a slim profile that can be placed easily out of sight in a ton of different places. It combines a motion sensor with a light sensor which will allow for this light to turn on only in the dark when motion is detected, which helps to conserve its power. Each requires four AA batteries which aren't included, so you may want to pick up a pack in this order. It does come with two-sided tape and screws assist with mounting the light as desired.

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