Get six Choetech USB-A to USB-C cables for just over $1 apiece with this coupon code

With this deal on Choetech USB-A to USB-C cables, you have absolutely no excuse for ever being without one. The 6-pack is already super affordable at $14 but it drops to just $7.97 when you enter code 5HMTAM62 during checkout. At that price, you're paying just $1.33 per cable. Seriously, why have you not bought them yet?

If you have a newer Android phone like a Samsung Galaxy S10 or one of Apple's latest iPad Pro models, you'd be wise to invest in a bunch of new charging cables. Plus, if you want an easy way to hook up a device to your computer that still rocks USB-A ports, these will do it. The 6-pack comes with a few different cable lengths for your varying needs — one 1.6-foot, four 3.3-foot, and one extra-long 6.6-foot. While you won't get the super fast charging benefits of a high-end USB-C to USB-C cable, each provided cable supports 2.4A charging and data syncing up to 480 Mbps (and doesn't cost anywhere near as much).

Adam Oram
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