More outlets is always better, so why not add a few more to your setup with this one-day sale on Belkin power products? It features multi-port wall outlets and power strips that not only have enough space to power all your devices, but also feature surge protection to ensure that all of your precious electronics are safe from power spikes. Prices start from just $7 and with the variety on sale, there's bound to be something for everyone.


Belkin Power Products

Get enough plug sockets for all your electronics and keep them protected with this one-day sale on Belkin wall outlets and power strips.

From $7

The most affordable option in the sale is the $7.19 Belkin 6-Outlet Power Strip which is a couple of bucks off its usual price. You can also get a 2-pack of 6-outlet power strips for just $8.69 which is crazy good value. If you need more outlets in one place, this 12-Outlet USB Power Strip is for you. With space for 12 plugs as well as two USB ports, it's perfect for sitting behind your TV cabinet or desk and has room for everything you'd want to plug in for just $22.49. It's also backed by a lifetime warranty and protected by $250,000 connected equipment warranty so you can feel safe plugging in all your home theater tech or your computer.

There are many more options in the sale, so be sure to check it out in full. Get your orders in before the end of the day and prices rise.

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