Grab two Amazon Fire HD 8 tablets for only $100

Some people tend to think the only way to get a good tablet is to spend at least a couple hundred bucks on one. If that idea is still in your head too, you haven't tried Amazon's Fire HD 8 tablet yet. Not only is it a great device that's totally capable of watching your favorite shows, checking up on the latest news and playing games, but Amazon's offering a two-pack for just $99.98 currently. Two awesome tablets at under $100 is a deal worth considering if you need two. Just one Fire HD 8 tablet generally costs $80, which is a nice price point too in comparison to how costly tablets can become.

The Fire HD 8 tablet has an 8-inch HD display and can last for up to 12 hours on a single charge. It has 16GB of storage space with the opportunity to a micro SD card for more space (up to 256GB). It also features 1.5GB RAM and Dolby Audio. Amazon's product page also boasts that the Fire HD 8 is more durable than the latest iPad. It comes in Black, Blue, Red and Yellow.

This tablet also comes powered with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant which can answer your questions, play music, tell you the news, control your smart home products and more.

If you have Amazon Prime, Netflix or Showtime, the Fire HD 8 tablet is also a great way to take advantage of those sites' download features. Netflix and those other sites actually allow you to download videos so you can play them while offline, and you can download them straight to the tablet (though if you do that a lot you definitely want a micro SD card too to hold it all).

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