This $14 OBD2 reader can tell your phone what's wrong with your car

No one likes seeing their check engine light pop on, and it's even worse when you don't know what the cause of it is. Sure, there are some places that will scan your car for free to tell you what's up, but most of them charge for the service. Stop throwing money away having your car scanned, and start doing it for yourself.

Right now you can pick up Kobra's Wireless OBD2 reader (opens in new tab) for just $14.39 with the coupon code 83ZIWPVF. This is a savings of nearly $6 from its regular price, and one of the best features of it is that you can connect it right to your smartphone to decipher the cards.

  • THE MOST EFFECTIVE OBD SCANNER AND CAR CODE READER YOU HAVE EVER TRIED: Diagnose Your Car - Like a Pro and instantly transform your car into a Smart Car! KOBRA has created a top quality auto diagnostic scanner. This OBD2 Scanner can read generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes and its database includes over 3000 code definitions.
  • CONNECTS TO ANY IOS, ANDROID AND WINDOWS DEVICE VIA WI-FI: Unlike other Bluetooth OBD Scanners available on Amazon, this amazing car code reader OBD scanner can connect to any device including Apple, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. You just need a Wi-Fi connection and you can diagnose any car problem and unlock massive amounts of data on your car's performance in real time!
  • VARIOUS FREE AND PAID APPS AVAILABLE! Supports OBD Fusion, DashCommand, OBD Car Doctor, etc for iOS and Torque Pro for Android, OBD Auto Doctor for Windows as well as many other ELM327 Apps that require a WiFi OBD2 adapter. Do not worry about compatibility. The KOBRA OBD2 wireless car code reader works with all 1996 to 2018 cars and small trucks in the United States
  • UPGRADED VERSION: Thanks to user feedback we have released the new version of the WIFI OBD2 Scanner and Check Engine Code Reader. Upgrades include improved WIFI signal range, enhanced app compatibility, upgraded components, and NO CD. Don't be fooled by other brands who sell cheaply made obd2 elm327 scanners. Our OBD Diagnostic scanner and Check Engine Light Eliminator is made with top quality materials for optimal performance and durability.

This is a great addition to any garage, and at just $14 it's hard to pass up. Don't get caught wishing you ordered one, and instead grab one for yourself now! There is also a Bluetooth-only option for $9.06 (opens in new tab) with coupon code 2WQM8IBW.

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  • I hope it supports a whole lot more than 3000 codes, the car company I work for has over 10,000 just for powertrain and communication.
  • I think that would depends on what app you use with it
  • can it reset codes? that is the big thing to me.
  • Also dependent on app.. But torque is pretty awesome. And yes you can read and then clear codes. I've used it in probably 10-15 different vehicles over the years. Never an issue. I don't have this particular obdii reader. But they're all basically the same.
  • Bought one, how did you guys know I need one of these? Lol dealing with check engine light coming on.
  • Which one should I get, wifi or Bluetooth one? Which is more reliable?
  • Bluetooth so you can use it anywhere.
  • Its a nifty little gadget, resets check engine light with one click and reads and explains trouble codes. The WiFI version works with your phones wifi signal so it works anywhere, the advantage of the WiFI version is that it works with ALL devices, Android IOS Microsoft laptop desktop everything...The bluetooth one is Android only. And yes, like @illregal said "use a good app". The most popular free Android apps are: Torque Lite, OBD Link, ScanMaster Lite, OBD Car Doctor, and the most popular paid Android apps are Torque Pro and Dash Command. For Apple devices the most popular free apps are: OBD Auto Doctor, OBD Car Doctor and the most popular paid app is DashCommand and OBD Fusion.
  • The ELM327 doesn't interface with ABS, guys.