Stay charged with this 10050mAh USB-C/QC 3.0 Power Bank for $12

There's no reason for you to be without a way to charge your phone wherever you are. Lumsing's USB-C Power Bank is available for $11.99 (opens in new tab) when you enter promo code 7NHCPEY2 at checkout to save $9 off its average selling price. This device is available in Gold and Silver.

This 10050mAh power bank has both a USB Type-A and a USB Type-C port, and features Quick Charge 3.0 and 2.0 compatibility to speed up your charge times. There are even LED lights to let you know how much of the battery is left.

Lumsing's product is lightweight and compact making it easy to store in your pocket, backpack, glove compartment or elsewhere without much hassle. It has an Intelligent Charging System to keep your device safe from overheating and overcharging.

This device also comes with a one-year warranty.

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  • Such bad reviews, does Android Central have a review of this battery pack?
  • You are aware that they add refferal link to amazon posts. They get paid if you use that link. So they don't care if product catches fire etc.
  • Actually, we're extremely critical of products we share in deal coverage. We're very familiar with Lumsing products and would never post a link to something we thought was sub-par.
  • Item says out of stock on Amazon.
  • So do they offer rain checks? It has been out of stock since article came out.
  • The deal was available for a few hours then it sold out. Gotta be quick! Follow along on for the latest!
  • That is bad form Android Central. Writing an article about a product we can't get in Amazon after giving the Amazon link. Grrrrr!
  • Sorry! The deal was available when we posted it and for a few hours after. The best deals sell out quick!
  • BLEH!
  • Gotta be quick on these!
  • No info on whether the "USB C" port allows power to pass 2/both ways or only 1 way!!!