Sitting in a chair all day can start to feel pretty uncomfortable, which is why those who work regularly from a computer could greatly benefit from Amazon's current deal of the day which is offering up to 30% off FlexiSpot sit stand desks and converters. Prices start just under $172 for the rising desk solutions, though you have only the remainder of today to score these deals.

Stop being so sedentary

FlexiSpot sit stand desks and accessories

I'm sure you're just as guilty as me for spending far too long each day sat working. A height-adjustable desk is one of the easiest ways to make sure you stand up more often as you don't need to pause your work, and these options from FlexiSpot are up to 30% off.

Up to 30% off

This FlexiSpot 35-inch Stand Up Desk Riser for $172.49 is now nearly $60 off its regular price. That's a new low for this model, too, which features a quick-release removable keyboard tray and a gas spring hovering system that allows for smooth and even support while transitioning between sitting and standing.

If you want to go all in on a new desk, rather than adding a riser to your existing setup, you have a few options in this sale. The 55-inch height-adjustable sit stand desk is down to $165.99 in a couple of colors. Its motor lift mechanism offers smooth height adjustment and can support up to 154lbs. If you need to support more tech atop your desk, the advanced version can lift 220lbs and is $180 off.

Other office accessories include a $40 anti-fatigue standing mat that you're definitely going to need if you move to standing for long periods of time, $10 off memory foam lumbar support to upgrade your current chair, and discounted monitor stands. If you want to work out while you work, check out the $279.99 Exercise Bike Standing Desk. It's 30% off.

The sale is good for today only, and also includes a bunch of garage storage gear, so be sure to take a look at the whole promotion and get your orders in before the day is out.

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