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The spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus continues with no signs of slowing down, and as the spread keeps up its pace, daily life is further disrupted. Kids are out of school, parents are working from home, and many states are closing non-essential businesses in an effort to promote social distancing and self-isolation.

Thankfully, even with everything being so hectic and uncertain, a lot of stores have stepped up to offer curbside shopping so you can still get the goods that you need without needlessly exposing yourself to large crowds of people. Place your order online, head to the store, and someone will deliver your purchase right your car. How easy is that?

More and more retailers are offering curbside shopping options as time goes on, so we'll keep updating this guide as new stores join the club. In the meantime, here's a rundown of all major retailers in the United States that have curbside pickup for you to take advantage of.

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Target's Drive Up service is a lifesaver

Target has been offering its Drive Up service before any of the Coronavirus stuff started popping up, but that doesn't make it any less convenient. In fact, since Target has had time to grow and evolve Drive Up, it's arguably one of the best ways to shop with curbside pickup.

From the Target app or website, find the item you want to buy and choose that you want to pick it up using the Drive Up service. Once your order is ready, hop on the Target app to let the store know you're on the way, confirm your car type and color, and pull into the reserved parking spot for Drive Up orders. Just like that, a Target employee will come out with your order, hand it to you, and you'll be on your way.

You can use Drive Up for virtually any item so long as it isn't perishable (aka groceries). Also, with high-demand items like toilet paper and antibacterial wipes, Drive Up has been temporarily disabled for them.

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Whether you need to buy clothes, school supplies, Animal Crossing, or anything else in between, Target Drive Up is there for you to rely on.

Walmart wins for grocery shopping

Walmart hasn't opened up curbside pickup for everything it sells, but at least for right now, the retailer does have a curbside service for groceries. This is offered through the Walmart Grocery program, and similar to Target Drive Up, it's something Walmart started offering long before COVID-19.

Using Walmart's app/website, navigate to the Walmart Grocery portion and select all of the groceries you need to buy. Whether it be milk, apples, cereal, bread, etc., you can get it with Walmart Grocery. Not every Walmart location supports this service, however, so be sure to confirm that your nearest one does.

You'll need to reserve a pickup time for your Walmart Grocery order, and with so many people using the service right now, it isn't uncommon for some stores to be booked up for a week in advance.

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If you need to stock up on groceries, the Walmart Grocery service is fantastic. Pick out all of the groceries you need, head to the store, and someone will load all of them in your car for you.

Get your tech at Best Buy

Best Buy is likely your go-to retailer for electronics and games, and thankfully, the company enacted a curbside pickup program on March 22 to keep its customers and employees as safe as possible.

How does Best Buy's curbside service work? Probably just how you'd expect. Go to Best Buy's website or mobile app, choose the item you want to buy, and select Curbside Pickup for it. Once your order is confirmed to be ready, head to the store and someone will bring it out to you.

Best Buy has closed its stores for in-person shopping during this time, meaning the only way to shop at the retailer right now is through the curbside program or having items shipped to your home.

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Best Buy

Whether you need to buy a new laptop or the latest game, Best Buy's new Curbside Pickup service is ready to serve you — especially now that the retailer's stores are temporarily closed for in-person shopping.

Shop at GameStop to keep up with the latest games

GameStop has certainly seen better days, but we have to give the retailer credit for being relatively quick to open up a curbside program for shoppers that need new games to keep them occupied during times of self-quarantining.

On March 22, GameStop made a similar decision by closing its stores for in-person shopping and moving to a curbside-only program. Go to the GameStop app/website, choose the game you want to buy, complete the order, and then head to your local GameStop so an employee can bring it right out to your car.

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Should you need Animal Crossing: New Horizon or Doom Eternal, you can get them at GameStop and use the new curbside service so you never have to leave the comfort of your car.

Dick's Sporting Goods has your athletic gear

Making a pretty big shift from Best Buy and GameStop, Dick's Sporting Goods is another retailer that's stepped up to offer a curbside pickup program during these trying times.

Dick's Sporting Goods is the go-to place for all these athletic equipment, whether that be footwear, apparel, in-home workout gear, and a bunch more. In-store shopping at Dick's is temporarily closed, but the curbside program is as easy as shopping online and selecting the new Curbside Contactless Pickup option.

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Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods has everything from workout clothes to kayaks, and if you need to buy something in his realm, the company's curbside service is open and ready for you to use.

Find your shoe fix at DSW

Even if you're self-isolating, it can be hard to resist buying a new pair of shoes. Should you find yourself in this situation, DSW has got you covered. Beginning March 17, the retailer started offering a curbside pickup service in place of normal in-store shopping.

Similar to everywhere else, you can do this by placing your order online through DSW's app or website, going to the store, and an employee brings it right to you.

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Need new shoes? No problem! DSW's curbside service lets you get new kicks without having to actually go into the store.

We expect additional retailers to jump aboard the curbside pickup bandwagon, and as that happens, we'll be sure to update this list accordingly. Stay safe and healthy out there!

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