These are all the first-party Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra Cases

Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases
Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases (Image credit: Android Central)

There is no shortage of great cases available for the Galaxy S20 and its larger variants, but the most compelling ones are offered by Samsung itself. We've rounded up all the Samsung cases available for the new Galaxy S20 models.

Galaxy S20

Great options for the S20

The smaller S20 does not come up short in terms of features or accessories. It's bound to be a popular choice for most people considering the price difference when you start looking at the larger models.

Our top recommendation for the S20 is the very stylish Leather Cover, which feels great in your hand and offers solid protection for your phone — all while looking classy and professional. Be sure to find the color that best matches your personal style.

For fans of wallet cases, Samsung's LED Wallet Cover is a great option in spite of only offering one card slot (most people can get away using Google or Samsung Pay or most daily purchases and use the card slot for their photo ID). It also looks great and displays notifications when the case is closed. Be sure to check our continuously updated list of the best Samsung S20 Cases.

Galaxy S20 Plus

Because bigger is better

The Galaxy S20+ might be the "goldilocks" device of the S20 line up, but it's still an expensive phone. Therefore, it's definitely a phone that you'll want to protect with a case. If you've taken advantage of Samsung's deal to get $200 credit towards accessories, you could do much worse than Samsung's line of cases.

A case that's unique to the Galaxy S20+ is the Kvadrat Cover, which is made with recycled materials. It's got a woven fabric look and feel and is a more sustainable product.

Because the S20+ is a bigger device, you might want a case that doesn't add unnecessary bulk to your phone. That's what makes the Silicone Cover a solid recommendation. It also just looks great and comes in a variety of colors.

Galaxy S20 Ultra

Go all-in on the Ultra

The S20 Ultra is Samsung's biggest (and best?) flagship for 2020, so if you're dropping some serious coin on this phone you might as well go all-in and get a great case direct from Samsung as well.

I'd recommend choosing your favorite color for the Leather Cover, which is the most premium and classy way to protect your phone. The genuine leather looks gerat and also feels great in your hand.

Not a fan of adding extra bulk to an already extra large phone? Snag a Silicone Cover — also available in six colors — and protect your phone from scuffs and scratches.

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