These are the 8 thinnest cases we could find for the Galaxy Note 8

It's a good idea to protect your big ol' Note 8 with an awesome case, but you don't have to give up the slim form factor in the process. These are the absolute thinnest cases we could find for Galaxy Note 8!

It's almost like your phone is… Naked?

Bare cases are super thin, and make your phone feel like it's wearing nothing at all… nothing at all… nothing at all. $30!

In the vacuum of space, no one can see how thin your case is

But you can, down here with the Jupiter Lights case for $10.

Spigen Thin Fit — that pretty much says it right there

Blue, gold, black, or gray, and yours for $10.

A case like skin for your phone — that's Peel

Black, gray, or silver. Match it and grab it for $25.

Sexy and sophisticated slenderness

At least that's what I'm guessing based on the hot dude in the promo image. Either way it's $10 on Amazon.

Love thin

By Love Ying. Clear and oh so skinny minnie. $8 on Amazon.

Go the the source

Not the store, but like the source of the phone. Like Samsung. Samsung makes this case. $19 on Amazon.

Finding a thin case is a mSnap

Black, turquoise, and rose gold because why not. This slim-hipped little minx is $10 on Amazon.

Got a great thin case of your own?

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Mick Symons
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