OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition Easter Egg

OnePlus unveiled the Star Wars-themed variant of the OnePlus 5T in India last week, with the phone featuring a white color scheme and a Sandstone finish styled after the planet Crait. There's certainly a lot to like about the device itself — both in terms of exterior design and software touches in the form of exclusive backgrounds — and OnePlus has also hidden away an Easter egg in the packaging.

The OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition comes with a greeting card in the box that has a hidden clue. If you combine all the first letters of each line, it says, "Scribble with pencil", and doing so reveals a message at the bottom of the card:

Find the secret compartment and check the weather forecast on Ahch-To.

The secret compartment is hidden in the bottom section of the box. Use a little force (we're all about the puns) to pry the bottom lid of the box away, and you'll find a section with a collapsible prism inside.

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Assemble the prism using the provided instructions, open OnePlus' weather app, and search for Ahch-To. Doing so will start playing the secret message. You'll see markings to line up the prism on your device, after which you'll be able to see the message from R2-D2.

The Easter egg is certainly special, and while the standard version of the OnePlus 5T also has the weather app, keying in Ahch-To didn't do anything. You'll only be able to see the message on the OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition.

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