Riot Games making the jump to mobile with Teamfight Tactics launching this week

Teamfight Tactics Mobile
Teamfight Tactics Mobile (Image credit: Riot Games)

What you need to know

  • Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games' auto-battler, is launching on Android and iOS on March 19, 2020.
  • There will be cross-platform play between PC and mobile across most regions.
  • The game is launching on mobile with a new content pack and new features.

Riot Games has been a heavy presence on PCs since the launch of League of Legends in 2009, but it hadn't crossed over to other platforms heavily. That's about to change thanks to Teamfight Tactics, which will be launching on mobile on March 19.

The auto-battler, which takes place in the League of Legends universe, will be coming to Android and iOS after a short beta period. Riot promises that it'll be the same game players are familiar with on PC but with some new features and a new content pack.

"Players have been asking us for more ways to play TFT, and we're excited to share a mobile version that feels authentic to the PC experience while also keeping in mind the nuances and optimization features that mobile players love," product lead Dax Andrus said in a press release.

Teamfight Tactics will be also be cross-platform, although this feature won't be available in China or Southeast Asia. The mobile title will also include the new Galaxies content pack.

While the game is free-to-play, there are purchaseable cosmetics. Other new features include Galaxies Pass and Galaxies Pass+, which are content passes that allow players to unlock content as they play. It's essentially a track that allows players to progress and earn rewards. The Galaxies Pass+ will get you additional awards and will cost 1,350 RP.

In response to why there's a paid pass instead of a store like on the PC version, Riot wrote that the store will be added at a later date.

"Right now, we had to prioritize certain features over others to make sure we were able to launch the game in its best shape. That meant keeping the Store and Loot system as a feature we'd make available on mobile later rather than right at launch."

In a press release, Marc Merrill, co-founder at Riot, added that there will be other "multi-platform efforts" this year, although it didn't specify what those might be. Regardless, it seems as if Riot is delving deeper into other platforms beyond PC.

You can currently pre-register on Android, which means the game will download immediately once it's released. It's set to release to the rest of the available regions on March 19.

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