Teach yourself something new with up to 50% off these Simpliv virtual classrooms

Simpliv Learning
Simpliv Learning (Image credit: Thrifter)

Visit the Simpliv Learning live virtual classrooms and sign up to learn a new topic. There's nothing wrong with educating yourself once in a while and you might find a new passion or at least a new hobby. Investing a little now to learn a new skill could translate into more money down the road, too, if you continue to pursue it. Who knows? Right now that initial investment isn't so bad because SImpliv is discounting the classes and seminars by up to 50%. You can get a $1,000 class for $599 or a $416 class for $249. There's even a free webinar for data science if you're interested.

The classrooms cover a variety of topics including courses to teach you Adobe software, Amazon Web Services networking, project management, and more. Get a $1,000 course for as little as $599, a $416 course for $249, and other similar discounts.

Expand your professional career in all new ways using these classrooms. For example, the Awareness Course on Project Management can help you learn how to handle complex projects. This is a great program for IT and non-IT alike and teaches you everything from the fundamentals of project management to risk management and how to deal with stakeholders. This is a preparatory program to help you become PMP certified.

If you already work in software development or with cloud concepts, you might want to take the 4-hour virtual training on the Internet of Things. This one is down to $249 from $416 and teaches you the foundational knowledge you need for IoT solutions. Explore all the various components and learn to understand the architecture.

Another one of the $249 courses, down from $416, includes a 4-hour virtual training on AWS infastructure and networking. This class is designed to teach you the inner workings of AWS so you can benefit from cloud servers. You'll cover Network Architecture, VPN, Security Groups, and more. This is a virtual course targeting system and helpdesk administrators.

If you're not so into the technical stuff, but you do have a creative side, Simpliv also offers courses that cover a variety of Adobe programs. Get a 4-hour introduction to Adobe Photoshop and learn so much more about digital imaging than you ever knew before. Learn how to retouch photos, correct colors, replace backgrounds, and more. This course doesn't require prior experience with Photoshop, and it's great for artists and photographers who want to get more advanced with their work.

There are plenty of other programs, too, including more Adobe programs to explore, so go sign up today while all the offerings are on sale!

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