Mobile World Congress

Lenovo and Project Tango are teaming up for the future of Google's location-aware service — think devices that know where they are in an indoor space and can do things like measure distance, serve as alternative-reality (AR) viewers, and also guide you through said space. And while Lenovo's Tango phones aren't quite ready for us to play with just yet, the company gave us another look at exactly what Tango can do.

We took a brief tour of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, to get a quick look at how Tango can work in that sort of environment. The gist is it'd lead us from one waypoint to another, then tell us about what we were looking at once we got there. It's smart enough to recognize individual figures in individual paintings. Footsteps on the screen guide you through the rooms — but the trick with this sort of thing is to remember to put down the tablet and, ya know, actually focus on the art.

But this sort of Tango application will go far beyond museums, of course. Imagine walking through a supermarket, firing up an app on your phone and then knowing exactly where every product is on every shelf, and getting recipes or nutrition information once you get there. The possibilities truly are endless.