The Kindle I use to read over a hundred books every year is down to its lowest price yet

Kindle Oasis on a flat table
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I used to like reading physical books, but after filling a bookshelf in under a year, I decided it wasn't very sustainable. While I still occasionally buy the hardcover, I now do a vast majority of my reading on an e-reader, and the device that I turn to is the Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis is one of those devices that gets everything right. The large 7-inch screen is ideal for reading, the E Ink panel doesn't have any glare and is ideally suited for all-day reading sessions, and the design makes it comfortable to hold and use. 

The best part is the physical page turn buttons located on the side. They provide a good tactility and make reading e-books that much more immersive, and thanks to the built-in accelerometer, you can switch the orientation of the Kindle Oasis and use it with either hand. 

After my monitor, the Kindle Oasis is the device that gets the most amount of screen-time on a weekly basis. This version of the Oasis released in 2019 and has a warm light filter that's amazing to use; it does a great job mimicking the feel of a real book. The Oasis usually sells for $249, but right now you can get the e-reader for just $164, making it a phenomenal bargain. 

This is the lowest the Kindle Oasis has gotten to yet, and if you've used an e-reader before and want a model with more features or are interested in kickstarting a reading habit, I cannot recommend the Kindle Oasis highly enough. 

Kindle Oasis (8GB): $249 $164 at Amazon

Kindle Oasis (8GB): $249 $164 at Amazon

The 7-inch E Ink screen has a warm light filter and 24 LEDs around the sides, and with auto brightness and physical page turn buttons, you're getting a lot of features here. There's also Bluetooth connectivity and Audible integration. If you're looking for the best device for reading books, this is the way to go.

Kindle Oasis (32GB): $279 $184 at Amazon

Kindle Oasis (32GB): $279 $184 at Amazon

This version of the Kindle Oasis has four times the storage, making it ideal for storing all the e-books and audiobooks in your Kindle and Audible libraries. 

Another highlight of the Kindle Oasis is Bluetooth connectivity and Audible integration, and you can stream your favorite audiobooks via the device. And the icing on the cake is water resistance, making the Oasis a great choice for reading outdoors. 

The standard 8GB model of the Kindle Oasis is more than adequate; it can store thousands of e-books and hundreds of audiobooks, and if you want a bit more headroom, the 32GB variant is down to just $184 — just $20 more. 

The Oasis has 24 LEDs embedded around the screen — more than any other Kindle — and thanks to the ambient light sensor, the brightness changes automatically based on the ambient lighting in your vicinity. Honestly, the Kindle Oasis is the best e-reader you can get at the moment, and it is a device I have used extensively for three years now. 

If you're interested in starting a reading habit or want to switch to a Kindle that has all the extras you need, the Oasis is the best choice — particularly for $164

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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