Amazon Kindle Scribe lets you scribble notes while you read your favorite stories

Amazon's new Kindle Scribe.
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What you need to know

  • Amazon introduces the Kindle Scribe.
  • The Scribe features the "world's first" 10.2-inch, 300ppi Paperwhite display" with long battery life.
  • This reading tablet allows users to utilize its pen to write notes while reading or to handwrite edits for a work PDF document.
  • The Kindle Scribe is available for preorder starting at $339.

Amazon introduces the Kindle Scribe: a new tablet where users can write and read seamlessly.

The new Amazon Scribe is a tablet the company says, "unites reading and writing." Sitting at 5.8 mm thin, Amazon claims it's the "world's first" 10.2-inch, 300ppi (pixels per inch) Paperwhite display. The Amazon Scribe's display is glare-free, its font will automatically adjust depending on your light source, and it is said to "go for months" on a single charge.

The Scribe also comes with its own pen that never needs to be charged.

An Amazon Kindle Scribe showing the ability to write some notes while reading a book.

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The device's glare-free display has been produced in such a way that it replicates the feeling of writing on paper. Amazon states that its larger and higher-resolution Paperwhite display should offer enough room for users to jot down some notes while they're reading their favorite stories. The display will also enhance images and other graphical elements.

When it comes to the Scribe's pen, there are two options: basic and premium. Amazon says both pens are precise while writing while also feeling natural in your hand and connecting to the Scribe tablet magnetically. Both pens support different line widths while writing on different pages while also featuring a few tools such as a highlighter, eraser, and an undo function. These tools can be accessed via the writing menu which appears on the display.

The premium Scribe pen separates itself by including its own eraser at the top along with a customizable shortcut button. This allows users to take advantage of the writing menu featured on the display's screen right at their fingertips to turn their pen into a highlighter, an eraser, or to open a new sticky note.

A person jotting down some notes on a PDF work document on a Kindle Scribe.

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Digital sticky notes are a new feature for the Kindle Scribe. This will allow users to handwrite notes while they're reading a book without taking them away from their experience. While the notes and highlights you create will be organized to keep your pages free of mess, the Scribe also includes templates for journaling and note-taking.

Your notebooks on the Scribe will be automatically saved and backed up to Amazon's cloud storage for free, with users gaining the ability to access their journals via the Kindle app in 2023. The Kindle Scribe is also gaining a Send-to-Kindle function, which will give users the ability to send PDF documents from their computer or phone to their Kindle Scribe so they can write on it directly.

Someone cuddled with their Amazon Kindle Scribe and enjoying a book.

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The Kindle Scribe will have access to the Kindle store which features over 13 million titles and millions of nonfiction books. Users will also have access to Kindle Unlimited and Prime members will be able to read thousands of titles through a rotating selection.

The Kindle Scribe will be available for preorders starting at $339 at The device will be available in Tungsten with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB of internal storage options. Customers will also find leather, premium leather, and fabric covers for the Scribe which can fold beneath it for easier reading and come in a variety of colors.

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