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T-Mobile's Speed Challenge bets you $1,000 that your iPhone is slow

T-Mobile is so confident in its HSPA+ network that it is willing to bet anyone in the Seattle area $1,000 that its Samsung Galaxy S 4G is faster than an iPhone (Verizon and AT&T, both). Bring your iPhone (any generation will do) into a participating Seattle-area T-Mobile store this weekend and play a good ol’ fashioned game of “best out of three,” in which you can pit your iPhone against the Galaxy S 4G. Using a “third party” speedtest app, T-Mobile will test its network against yours, and it is confident that it will reign supreme. If you happen to pull off an upset and beat T-Mobile at its game, the carrier will give you a cool $1K. If not, T-Mobile will give you $300 to trade in that slow iPhone for that blazing new Galaxy S 4G.

Participating locations are listed in the shot above. Check out the official press release detailing T-Mobile’s Speed Challenge at the source link, and if you’re in or around Seattle this weekend and still holding on to your iPhone, stop in and try your odds.

Source: T-Mobile

  • Sounds great... but a year late. With the pending takeover/merger why would someone switch to TMO these days from another carrier? Day late dollar short. I love the brass ones it takes to put on a campaign like this, way to put your money where your mouth is TMO... but just late and that makes it sad.
  • Who made the “third party” speedtest apps? T-Mobile?
  • No. That would be a first party.
  • It clearly states no wifi only.
  • Even WiFi, it would probably win too.
  • Can some bring their VZW 4GLTE MiFi and connect the iPhone to it and win $1000?
  • I highly doubt it...
  • The iPhone would need to be connected to a the Mifi's Wifi network in that case, not allowed in the rules
  • Or what about the "T-Mobile" iPhone or the dual-core iPhone 4s prototypes JK
  • Samsung cut off the supply chain due to recent lawsuit ;)
  • Thats not a fair fight. All IPhones are using a 3G network. Why don't they challenge other 4G users?
  • Whooooosh. That's the sound made when the point of this campaign goes over your head.
  • Darn. I'm in the Seattle area, but I don't have an iPhone. I wonder if they'd let me challenge my CM7 MyTouch 4G against their stock SGS 4G?
  • Make an iOS skin, get a boxy case, there's your grand.
  • how much you wanna bet tmo will have signal boosters setup in their stores to insure the 4g is fast :) kind of what sprint did with their stores when the evo launched.
  • Thats exactly what I thought when I was reading the story.
  • yeah when I bought my evo, 4g wasn't in my area but sprint had a 4g hotspot setup in their store so buyers could play with 4g
  • Looks like a good opportunity for anyone on iphone who has wanted to switch to Android, since that $300 would cover those cancellation fees.
  • 1. Have frequency jammer in pocket for 1700 band
    2. Watch as iPhone on 3G beats Galaxy 4G forced down to 2G (a real world test of when you hit your data limit and get throttled)
    3. ?????
    4. Profit
  • An obvious poke at iPhones in general being slow which is +1 just for creating a campaign around it. Seriously though, wonder how many suckers will bite on this not realizing the difference. I cant tell you how many customers that think iPhone4 means that its 4G. Just goes to show you the intelligence of those that had to have the iPhone and think its top notch.
  • 1. Walk in with iPhone and picture of the speedtest app they're using with a really high score.
    2. Challenge them
    3. "drop" your phone, and switch to that screenshot with the high score
    4. ?????
    5. Profit!
  • Please please PLEASE tell me T-Mobile's 4G network crashes this weekend!!!!
  • I bet T-Mobile $1000 that samsung won't update that craptastic phone in a timely matter. For the record... Ima disgruntled fascinate owner....
  • I bet T-Mobile $1000 my Thunderbolt can beat anything they've got even with repeaters. They aren't beating me until they upgrade to 42 Mbps. But really how many people do you think right now are planning a way to cheat on this?? Hahaha.
  • I don't understand all this lte crap everyone's always going on about. Its running about the same as wimax. In Orlando.
  • 17 to 24 mbps is my average on LTE here in Pittsburgh. I've got up to 29 once before as well. I've heard a small number of people in other markets getting higher. I guess the network isn't very loaded up in some markets....
  • that's if verizon's LTE is up and running this weekend... hahahaha
  • Haha it doesn't matter when the new 2gb data cap rolls on in the picture, come on now. How can u talk about being the fastest network when you don't have true unlimited. Once you start using the fast connection, you realise you can stream great quality movies and videos and that will add up fast. Hell I can hit 5gb using my Evo while on 4g streaming to my Netflix box watching a few HD movies. Why be the fastest if your going to hit your limit faster just to get knocked back down to have your face kicked in by the T-Mobile throttle police.
  • Not even a fair fight, if the Verizon iPhone had LTE maybe... not that I will ever own anything apple anyway.
  • I wish they did this in Chicago. I went into T-Mobile to check out the G2X and the salesman was all about the speed and how it'd beat my iPhone4 on AT&T. He was shocked. I beat him numerous times in speed getting 4,000+ kbps -- beating T-Mobile. Now to be honest, I was near Loyola University and I'd assume a tower with solid bandwidth -- because generally when downtown in Chicago I stall out or get less that 100 kbps. I'd guess maybe T-Mobile has tested their locations in Seattle to ensure all are tweaked.