T-Mobile's Project 10Million aims to get every student connected

T-Mobile Project 10million
T-Mobile Project 10million (Image credit: T-Mobile)

What you need to know

  • Schools and parents can sign up for Project 10Million today.
  • Students and schools will get 100GB per year and a free hotspot
  • T-Mobile is offering low-cost internet options for school districts to offer internet to students.

T-Mobile announced (opens in new tab) Project 10Million last year as part of its merger with Sprint with the intent of connecting 10 million households without access to the internet. Part of its larger 5G for Good initiative, the goal was to reduce the homework gap that left many students with poor access to education resources. With its network, T-Mobile hopes to get students connected even if they don't have access to internet infrastructure thanks to its wireless network.

T-Mobile is offering free wireless hotspots with 100GB of high-speed data per year. They will also get access to at-cost tablets and laptops which T-Mobile values at approximately $500 annually per student. Your student must be enrolled in the National School Lunch Program to qualify. Parents and schools can apply today at t-mobile.com/p10m (opens in new tab) and parents will only need a school name, zip code, and email address to get started.

With COVID-19 causing many schools to move to remote learning, 100GB per year likely won't be enough when you throw in hours of video calling. To help with this, T-Mobile is offering plans to school districts to get its students connected with more data. With either 100GB per month or unlimited data, schools can make sure students have access to schoolwork even when they can't be in the classroom.

Since March 2020, T-Mobile has gotten more than 1.6 million students connected around the country. T-Mobile is also continuing to work with the California Department of Education and Apple to get another 1 million students ready to start school virtually.

Naturally, internet access will require coverage on the T-Mobile network (opens in new tab) but this now covers the majority of Americans. With its 5G deployment continuing rapidly and further improvements to areas already covered with 2.5GHz spectrum and 5G SA, T-Mobile should be able to keep improving coverage and speed nationwide.

Check out T-Mobile's Project 10Million (opens in new tab)

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