T-Mobile's OnePlus 6T is getting updated to Android 10

OnePlus 6t in Black on the floor
OnePlus 6t in Black on the floor (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • T-Mobile has started rolling out the Android 10 update for OnePlus 6T users.
  • The release comes two months after OnePlus began rolling out its own update.
  • The new update is also bundled with the December 2019 security patch.

OnePlus and T-Mobile are rolling out the Android 10 update to the T-Mobile two months after it debuted on the unlocked model. The new update started rolling out on February the 14th and includes the December 2019 security update as well. Two months later than it should be, but it's better late than never. The original update was beset with issues and halted shortly afterward. T-Mobile likely did some additional testing, just in case.

Android 10 is bundled with OnePlus' OxygenOS 10 which includes Google's standard features like a dark mode and gesture navigation, and OnePlus'own features like GameSpace, and improved spam blocking in the Messaging app. OnePlus is also adding a new Contextual Display which surfaces intelligent info for the Ambient Display when the screen's turned off.

Here's what's specifically included (opens in new tab) in T-Mobile's February 14th update:

  • Google security update for December 2019
  • "UE-B AGNSS only" mode for UMTS and LTE
  • Stability and post-launch fixes

As this is a staged rollout, don't expect to get it immediately. Standard times often range from two weeks to a month, and this should be no exception.

  • I did a manual check for the update this morning and had it installed within 10 minutes. So far it is very smooth and better than the last version the phone was on with TMobile.
  • I've been running it since Friday night and haven't experienced a single bug. Have to say that update might have extended the life of this phone for me. Might hang on to it until I upgrade in a year
  • Got mine this morning. It's nice and smooth.
  • It’s build A6013_34_191228 and it comes in at a hefty 1652.9MB.
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  • Mine is working 99% smooth. There's a very minor bug where my own Podcast will be on the notification shade out of nowhere.
  • I literally just sold mine and will be putting the proceeds to the pixel 4.
  • I received it on Sunday. So far..Pretty amazing. There were a few hiccups with some apps that were trying to download something, and somehow lost storage permission...I had to fully uninstall those apps before it could fix it. The other issue has been automatic brightness...it is WAY to aggressive. Otherwise...the phone runs smoother and faster.
  • Woop! Been waiting a while for this one. :)
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  • man, you guys really don't care about anything other than samsung now. this Update droped last week,