T-Mobile's latest plan offers two lines with 6GB of LTE data each for $80 a month

T-Mobile is launching yet another limited-time promotion for new customers. This time, the carrier is offering a plan for two lines, each with 6GB of LTE data, for $80 a month.

T-Mobile says:

"Families who want fewer lines deserve a better option and we're giving them one! Don't let Verizon trick you with their misleading ads. They lure you in with the promise of a 'Large' serving of data for $60, only to sneak in another $20 PER LINE in monthly access fees – to use the data you already own! At Verizon, $60 actually means $100 for 2 lines and 6 GB!" said John Legere, President and CEO of T-Mobile USA. "Even worse, these guys charge you those access fee again and again, every single month. Don't believe the BS; come to T-Mobile where we do data different!"

The $80 plan will be available starting on Friday, April 8, but there's no word on when this promotional offer will end. T-Mobile is also offering a way for new and current customers to get either a LG K7 or Samsung Galaxy Core Prime for $0 down when purchased on an Equipment Installment Plan.

John Callaham