Each year since the Galaxy S4, Samsung has released an "Active" variant of its Galaxy S flagship with a more rugged design and other small touches that vary from year-to-year. These Active devices have typically been exclusives to AT&T, but this year, Samsung will be expanding this lineup to T-Mobile. We first heard murmurings of this in late September, and those have all but been confirmed with the T-Mobile S8 Active making its way through the FCC.

The model number for the S8 Active on T-Mobile is SM-G892U, and according to its listing in the FCC's database, it'll support LTE Band 71 and 66. The FCC listing doesn't exactly mention T-Mobile, but LTE Band 71 is being developed specifically by T-Mobile for use with phones on its network. As such, it's pretty clear that this is where the phone is heading.

The Galaxy S8 Active has been available on AT&T since early September, and along with a more ruggedized design, it also features a ginormous 4,000 mAh battery that offers some of the best endurance available in a 2017 flagship.

T-Mobile has yet to officially announce the S8 Active for its network, and while we won't know pricing or availability until it does so, our guess is that it'll be similar to its cost on AT&T. In other words, expect to pay about $850 for the privilege of that durable build and long-lasting battery pack.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


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