T-Mobile US Has No Plans to Release HTC Hero

So we guess those rumors of the HTC Hero heading to AT&T or Sprint are going to prove true after all because it sure doesn't look like it's coming to T-Mobile. T-Mobile CTO Cole Brodman said that T-Mobile "has no plans to bring the HTC Hero to market" which in our book, sounds like a flat out NO to all things Hero for little Magenta.

On the bright side, we're hopeful that this means we'll see another carrier adopt Android. The HTC Hero is too compelling a device for the US market to completely ignore.

What do you say guys, AT&T or Sprint for the HTC Hero?


Casey Chan
  • Dammit. I should have stuck with AT&T.
  • Holy WOW I just youtube'd this vid...
    Check it. May be boring but at about 29 minutes in.
    Peter Chou announces the release dates and mobile carrier.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE9UBSe7HfE So i guess T-mobile rules agin. Lets wait and see. =)
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  • Man forget this... I'm moving to AT&T if the HTC Hero doesn't come out to T-Mobile. I mean come on now... It's just BS how other mobile carriers are trying to work with Android. All android phones have the same or very similar OS as the T-Mobile G1.
    All android phones should stay with T-Mobile. It's a great mobile carrier and it's cheap. I get service everywhere I go. I even have service at times when AT&T doesn't. HTC Hero is gonna be the greatest phone ever!!! Wherever it goes I will get it. Hopefully T-Mobile.
  • If the Hero comes to the US at all, AT&T looks like the best bet. The version of the Hero that the FCC certified works on the frequencies that AT&T uses (not the ones that T-Mobile uses). HCE
  • Is Verizon totally out of the picture?
  • Yes, verizon sucks. Deal with it and the poor decision to go with them.
  • I have a fealing that Sprint will get it. And if you haven't noticed sprint sponsers the HTC Hero page on Engadget. http://www.engadget.com/hub/htc-hero
  • If it comes to ATT with similar features as the G1 I'll break contract.
  • where do i send my complaints? because im about to bomb the HELL out of whoever is in charge of this idiotic decision. then im leaving tmobile, even though they have been the easiest carrier to work with.
  • I am disappointed to t-mobile will not be carrying the hero. What you can do is take the my touch and download the Hero's rom which is all over the web. You can install it on the new device which it will run 10 times faster then the g1. You can have the hero experience on the my touch. Just a heads up I have read that sony ericsson is making a custom android interface, and very high end phone. I think tmo big mistake though is passing on the hero. att will now have the iphone and the hero. fyi You can get the hero unlocked only drawback is that the 3G piece will not work.
  • its great phone of t-mobile but why T-Mobile US Has No Plans to Release HTC Hero.In my point of view its a great mobile phone for mobile users if t-mobile T-Mobile release it. its much better for mobile users
  • why we here in US always have to suck up on the second class of phones. the carriers are trying to squeeze $ from consumers while selling the low end, ow cost products. this just about blew me off: http://www.expansys.com/nc.aspx?i=184566 in uk you can get it for free with 18 months contract & cheap monthly fees. too bad their 3g wont work here.
  • If this drops for ATT, I can't wait to see the reaction to customers about android and Hero...
  • I'll be pissed off with T-mobile if the Hero goes eleswhere!!!! and leave them.
  • I'll be pissed off with T-mobile if the Hero goes eleswhere!!!! and leave them.
  • When is the HTC Hero even going to come out for the US? Next year?
    Even if it does go to AT&T it'll prob be sum time next year. So LAME!!!
  • AT&T blows huge monkey nut sacks, i love tmobile but if tmobile doesnt get this phone, see you in hell tmobile. hi at&t do you support MMS YET? at your 115 a month normal bills? Sigh Dude, this phone is beyond iphone, it makes the iphone look like boring rubbish, I'm not biased, my brother has an iphone even my g1 customized puts it to shame. This phone is on a new level full flash 10 mobile, enables you flash on websites, full screen full quality on youtube "which the g1 can do if you press settings/watch vid in high quality, but not on the website the g1 can't do that. Also flash games on websites is amazing on the hero. HTC sense, if you study it and educate yourself on it, you will find this phone far superior, you can literally have 2 different settings of home with "EVERYTHING ELSE" custom for a weekend and go back to "weekly basis" scene. Man The list is so huge I would be here all day explaining how much better this phone is, it shouldnt even be compared with iphone 3gs, same old boring limited, capped, SLAVED by apple and AT&T you can now send pictures? HMMM AT&T DOESNT ALLOW THAT YET. If you know anything about phones, g1 having android and real keyboard already rapes iphone 3g, but not quite the 3gs due to the lack of what hero has. Well youtube, google and do your research, i would not take an iphone 3gs for free for personal use if I could pay 600 for a hero, real talk. Android has grown on me, and seeing how i truly use my phone for wayyy more than just a phone, the hero will be in my hands 1 way or an other, btw, im extremely satisfied with tmobile as well. To be a new phone, new operating system and new 3g on my area the g1 is an amazing hell of a phone. Can't wait = ) bye. hit me up for any questions regarding this phone g2slick@gmail.com
  • dont u guyz get it?..tmobile does not want to take on the hero because it is practically a g1 ....when tmobile u.s. comes out with an official g2 they wanna hit u with the whoa ..factor..multi-touch.....wayyyyy faster processer...features and phones competing in the u.s market...not the u.k. i mean cmon u.s. would we really be satisfied with the hero as the g2 or wud we really just wait for the real g2 and not someknockoff
  • dont u guyz get it?..tmobile does not want to take on the hero because it is practically a g1 ....when tmobile u.s. comes out with an official g2 they wanna hit u with the whoa ..factor..multi-touch.....wayyyyy faster processer...features and phones competing in the u.s market...not the u.k. i mean cmon u.s. would we really be satisfied with the hero as the g2 or wud we really just wait for the real g2 and not someknockoff
  • I'll bomb T-Mobile if they don't get this phone!
  • If tmobile doesn't get this phone, they won't be getting anymore of my money and I have been with them for like 4 years now. And come on dude y waist the money on a my touch when they could of got the hero.
  • So much drama over a phone. What a crack up. I have had cell phones since 1988 and I recall there always being phones people say "Oh I will pay any price" "I will switch carriers" "Oh how stupid a company is for not getting this phone" "Oh this is the greatest phone ever, I will just die if I don't get it." Amusing thing is that one year later those people are selling the previously beloved phone on eBay and moving on to something else. I swear cell phones have to be the shortest lived romances and marriages of anything on the planet, except one night stands. I remember when the BlackBerry Pearl came out and I thought I would keep that phone for a few years. 9 months later I bought the Curve, then late last year I got the G1. Sitting on my shelf collecting dust are my Pearl 8120 and Curve. Now I am looking at the MyTouch and Touch Pro2. I have been with T-Mobile since 2004 and I won't leave them simply because a different carrier has a phone that in my mind might be a cooler phone. I question anyone to show me a carrier who has a phone that functions that much differently than any phones T-Mobile has. Since they are all pretty much the same that leaves only cosmetics as the reason one would switch carriers. (I live in San Francisco and have had 3G service, but I duly note that many locales don't have 3G with T-MO. They are rolling 3G out to more and more cities. But not having 3G is definitely a strike against T-Mo.) Anyway, I care more about how much I pay a month to a carrier rather than having some phone that I like for the moment, a like that will wear off in 6 months when I get the next phone I like. Because I have been with T-Mo for so long they gave me the "Loyalty Plan" which is $90 for two lines UNLIMITED calling, and $50 a month for two unlimited data plans. No way I am giving that up simply to have a phone with a cooler interface, for example. I put the Hero OS on my G1 yesterday and I loved it. But it does not have GPS or blue-tooth so I have to uninstall it today (I use GPS and BT a lot on my G1). But yeah, the Hero OS made my G1 Android OS feel like Windows 3.1 it was that fantastic. I am monitoring XDA daily to see when they get BT and GPS added on, then I will go back to Hero on my G1. I like that HTC Hero and don't be fooled, T-Mo has some of those coming up in it's fall lineup (a T-MO rep told me that there are three Android phones coming out in the "fourth quarter) which means Sept., in time for the holiday launch that happens every year with T-Mo. I would venture to guess a HTC Hero based phone is in the lineup, after all Hero is just an OS, that can be installed on any phone, like I did on my G1. For now I am going to get the Touch Pro2 to tide me over. I like the office functionality of that phone. Out of context: If you have a G1, it's rooted and you want to try out the Hero OS, here's some links: http://forums.t-mobile.com/tmbl/board/message?board.id=AndroidDev&thread... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=534479
  • You guys are crazy if you're screaming about T-Mobile not getting the hero. All the reviews I've seen on this phone have basically just said its enhanced software on not-so enhanced hardware. Just keep your G1 for now and port the Hero ROM over. If your'e going to break carriers for ANY android phone, wait until the Xperia X3 comes out (assuming its not on T-Mobile). Now THAT is an upgrade (1 ghz processor, 8mp camera).
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  • I work for sprint and the HTC HERO IS ON ITS WAY! EARLY SEPT.
  • DIng Ding, looks like you were right!
  • Hopefully it comes to Sprint, because AT&T's data network is a joke in comparison.
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  • of coarse its not goin to tmobile, because tmobile only gets shi**y phones! you should definately look to at&t or sprint to carry this phone, tmobile is simply not capable of carrying a phone like the HERO, dream on TMobile carriers!!
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