T-Mobile UK HTC Desire finally getting Android 2.2 Froyo update

Some users of the HTC Desire began receiving the Froyo (Android 2.2) update at the beginning of August, but not all European carriers were ready to roll it out just yet. One of these was T-Mobile. But the update is on its way, starting today. 

From the support forums of T-Mobile's UK site:

Hi all,We have some exciting news for all our Desire users.The 2.2 firmware update (FroYo) will be available from today and will be sent over the air (OTA) direct to your phone over the coming weeks.Be sure to save all your personal data before you start downloading.

Those of you using a Desire on T-Mobile UK will see the update rolled out shortly. Congrats! [T-Mobile UK via T3Thanks Big Rich!

Sean Brunett
  • This is starting to get quite aggravating. I have a Droid X and it seems like almost every single other droid phone out there has received it's update to the android 2.2, and now it seems like a lot of the droid phones in Europe have now received it. Come on boys and girls, where is the upgrade for us droid X onwers. Starting to regret my decision to leave blackberry.
  • WAAHHHHH!!!!!!
  • It takes time man. Trust me, your not the only one getting impatient. Us galaxy s users are just as impatient also. Just give it some time.
  • LOL this just makes me want 2.2 on the Vibrant more and more
  • Regretting leaving blackberry ? Lmao it takes time period just how long I had to wait for it on my DInc. We had to wait forever for updates on our blackberries too. One word Verizon !!!
  • I'm Tmobile, UK, Desire, and I got this weeks ago, what's the news here? http://www.androidcentral.com/htc-european-desire-getting-froyo-ota-upda...
  • I debranded my o2 Desire months ago, and am very that I did, unlocked and I get updates promptly. My Dad got the Desire soon after I did, however, even though being on a T-Mobile contract he got the phone from Carphone Warehouse and it appears it's just a stock unlocked Desire, he's had Froyo for a long while now.
  • Regret leaving blackberry?! How many times are there bugs in bb os. That's why you update the bb os so often. I got the froyo leak but would have had no problem with 2.1. Droid x poops on all the bb's I've owned. Relax guy