T-Mobile UK announces new European data roaming plans

Following similar statements from O2, Vodafone and Three over the past few weeks, T-Mobile UK is the latest British network to announce new European roaming rates. The announcement comes in the wake of a EU ruling that imposes a new cap on European roaming charges.

From tomorrow, T-Mo UK customers will be able to purchase one of three "Euro Internet boosters," allowing them to use 3MB per day for £1, 20MB per week for £5 or 50MB per month for £10. Customers can buy boosters online or via text, and once the allowance or time period expires, another booster can be purchased. It's a slightly different setup to what's being offered by the likes of Vodafone and Three, and it might not represent the best value for heavy data users. However, it's a significant improvement on earlier rates of multiple pounds per megabyte.

For the full breakdown of charges and terms, check the source link.

Source: T-Mobile UK Support

Alex Dobie
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  • 50mb for £10!? Why is the data allowance in Europe so small? My phone will go through 50mb getting notification of emails everyday. Try updating Facebook with your photos of Europe with 50mb of data, it would cost hundreds of dollars to upload a few dozen pictures. And forget using maps; I would hope they start the offline option for Google maps before I head over, other wise I'm going be the idiot tourist with the fold out map lost in Nice, Fr. Come on Google, update maps soon!
  • Before this you'd pay £4-6 per MB, so it's a significant improvement.
  • I would never rely on a data connection for maps anyway, and as for uploading photos, you can find free, or at least cheap, wifi almost anywhere these days. 50mb isn't much, but it's a start. I'd guess that sooner rather than later there'll be even better deals as the networks start competing. Data is getting more and more important to consumers but most people still aren't willing to pay through the nose for it, so eventually international data rates will be a major selling point
  • It drives me nuts that T-Mobile USA won't do this for international travelers. You're a European-owned GSM carrier! Let your customers pay a flat rate for international data!
  • What's the point. Just switch SIMs for a pre-paid one in your destination country and get unlimited web for ~$20/mo.
  • I haven't found that that actually works - when I've gone into cell phone stores in foreign countries, it's not actually cost-effective to do that. Secondly and more importantly, I shouldn't have to. It's a giant pain to begin with (especially if traveling to multiple countries in a short period) and I don't want to have to lose my American phone number (Google Voice, etc aside). I can't imagine that there is not a price point where T-Mobile could make money but I'd be willing to pay for the service, so it continues to baffle me that this doesn't happen.
  • I'm a little unclear as to what is new here?? I certainly made use of the 50MB/£10 over a month bundle back in February of this year when in France & Switzerland.
  • I cant imagine being charged by the MB, and the rates are so high. I guess we have it good here in the US for some reason. I hope they don't try to pull that here.
  • Remember - these are international roaming rates. I don't think our prepaid plans are any better when roaming - when they allow roaming at all.