T-Mobile teams up with Rhapsody for streaming music app

These days who doesn't have a music streaming service? T-Mobile is now joining the game by announcing a partnership with Rhapsody that will result in an app. It's called Rhapsody unRadio and will hit major app stores in a few days. Details after the break.

Rhapsody unRadio is a new app from T-Mobile and Rhapsody that's giving customers a handful of great features. With Rhapsody unRadio from T-Mobile, you get the following:

  • Listen to your favorite songs as much as you want, online and offline.
  • Unlimited streaming of millions of songs with unlimited skips, and no ads.
  • Rhapsody unRadio is included for T-Mobile customers with our newest Unlimited 4G LTE plans, and only $4 a month for all other plans.

Rhapsody unRadio is part of Uncarrier 6.0 move.

Anyone interested in checking out a new streaming service?

Sam Sabri
  • "Rhapsody unRadio is included for T-Mobile customers with our newest Unlimited 4G LTE plans, and only $4 a month for all other plans." Doesn't work for those on the grandfathered $20 unlimited plan. :-(
  • yep I just tried it said its gonna charge me 4 bucks also its not like spotify where If i like a artist I just want to listen to that artist not bands that are "similar" to that artist. No nope not for me thanks anyways tmobile so none of this stuff even is for me its all for new customers
  • Dummy the service syarts on June 22 so try it on June 22nd
  • Haha
  • I'll definitely be trying this out until Google Play Music becomes part of the free music streaming promotion
  • Its just the data not the service so if you dont have unlimited data that its just fast speeds for no charge from your data package
  • Yes I get that Posted via Android Central App
  • Has any tried to download the rhapsody app the unradio yet? I know I'm under the unlimited plan, but they ate all trying to charge me for the subscription. I thought it was suppose to be free for customers with unlimited Posted via Android Central App
  • Are you under the new one or grandfathered in a old one? Only the new unlimited plans get it for free. Posted via Android Central App
  • New one I just switched to t-mobile maybe 4 months ago Posted via Android Central App
  • Unfortunately there is a newer one, which is $10 more than what you are paying..
  • I have the $70 unlimited everything on Tmo and it still wants to charge me $4. Too bad, I wanted to try it but GPM does just fine for me.
  • The new unlimited plans are $80,you fall under the old plan. Posted via Android Central App
  • Actually if you read the page on T-Mobile's site you would see that the service is available immediately. The start date of the 22nd is for people adding it directly through a T-Mobile channel (in store, online, or by phone) Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm glad I read this post thru before posting or you would have hollered at me too!! lol
  • says it dosent start till the 22nd
  • That's my question as well. I signed up for the $4 option so I wonder if the $70 plan is going to be included or not. Anyone with next step up unlimited plan sign up for it?
  • I just downloaded it for free. I'm on the unlimited plan. It's actually quite good and has a lot of music. I've even looked for some obscure things and it has them. I'm impressed. Very well done T-Mobile. Posted via Android Central App
  • I can't find the application what's it Called. Posted via Android Central App
  • Search Unradio in the play store. It came right up for me. Posted via Android Central App
  • You mean it said the sign-up options were free and $9.99? The app itself is free to download.
  • All I did was signed up and my account was automatically set as unradio for free. The option to upgrade to rhapsody premier which gives you full control is there for 5.99 gonna check it out. I have a new unlimited plan. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'll give it a try since it's free. Why not?? I like rhapsody.
  • Wow dumb, found it on here on question number 5. Grandfathered unlimited users don't get it free. Kind of lame duck sauce. http://www.t-mobile.com/offer/free-music-streaming.html?icid=WMM_TM_BRRC... Odd enough, after I cancelled the subscription, it says under my account that I have "Rhapsody unRadio @ $0.00/month". I find that strange. So far I have been able to devour about 50 skips with no ads and no hiccups. Wonder if that will change.
  • Rhapsody doesn't do ads. The whole service philosophy is about a premium music experience. So unless the entire focus of the company shifts, don't expect any of this amateur hour audio ads interrupting your party ambiance and such.
  • Im not happy with this app I dont want radio lol I want spotify type of service. I want to be able to pick what im listening to not for an example you pick ACDC thunderstrike and you want to listen to dynamite next you cant its gonna play like alice cooper or something related to that music ....nooooo. lol I thought it was unlimited songs pick what ever you want By the way spotify BEEN has this for free for mobiles a long time ago no this is not worth 4 bucks to me.
  • There is a rhapsody premium account for t-mobile simple choice customers priced at 5.99/month where you get unradio benefits and unlimited favorites offline, unlimited ability to download any track or album and backward skipping. This also supports windows and bb10 devices. Check the t-mobile site!!!!! Go uncarrier!
  • Important tip: must be a new rhapsody account, otherwise it won't register the unfair. Sign up through the standard rhapsody app, so it should show t-mobile under the rhapsody name, and should send a confirmation text to confirm ur number. Once Confirmed, Then the unradio is activated. Works great so far and downloads well, and u can choose specific songs as well,! Posted via Android Central App
  • As the above poster said their are two services at play here, first is the unradio which is free for new unlimited subscribers. The unradio service is really just like pandora one with unlimited skips, ad free and having songs that you've favorited downloaded for offline play. The other service is The Rhapsody premier account which is discounted to tmobile subscribers to 5.99 instead of the normal 9.99. This is more a full music service like spotify. Ive actually canceled my spotify account and decided to try this for a while. I'm okay with paying 4 dollars less for a similar service.
  • So I take it this doesn't work with the prepaid plans. It wants me to pay 4.99 Posted via Android Central App
  • Dang.........seems a little harsh to slap $70 unlimited plans with the $4.99 charge versus free for the "new" $80 unlimited. No bueno. Uninstall.
  • You do see that this works in your favor right? It's actually $5 cheaper for you vs someone with the $80 plan. If the extra 2GB of hotspot isn't worth it to you (the benefit of moving from the $70 to the $80 unlim), then keeping the $70 plan and adding the unRadio works out to less money than moving to the $80 plan and getting it included.
  • IMHO the $70 unlimited should be worthy of the "benefit." No biggie though..........I'm content with Google Play Music and Tunein Pro. Spending money to save money is a stretch unless it's essential. Posted via Nexus 5 with SwiftKey
  • still asking for the $$ when i go to sign up so ill wait no biggy i normally us spotify and i hear radio
  • I'm on the new unlimited plan ($80 a month), and I have the option for T-Mobile pricing. However, I am getting the $4/month pricing for non-unlimited customers. If it isn't starting until the 22nd, how come I can get the discounted price but not the free deal that I should get as an unlimited customer?
  • Nevermind. I'm a dumbass, I am on the old plan. The extra $10 i was factoring in was for JUMP. I was so excited for this that I forgot the unlimited plans had changed since January when I switched. So, I am now disappointed that I get nothing out of Uncarrier 5.0-6.0
  • https://www.androidcentral.com/e?link=https2F2F... Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App