T-Mobile showcase hits NYC Oct. 29

Right. So T-Mobile's doing a showcase on Oct. 29 in New York City. Yes, that's the same day as Google's "Playground" event, where we should see a new Nexus phone, and maybe a tablet or two. But this is a T-Mobile event, folks. Google's is in the morning. Don't freak out if there's no "T-Mobile Nexus" at this thing. Chances are any new GSM Nexus will be pentaband anyway, so it'll be "T-Mobile" as much as it is "AT&T" or GSM for the rest of the world. No biggie.

No, what I'm expecting is a whole lot of Galaxy Note 2 and other T-Mobile Android phones from this year (including new but lesser-spec'd devices)  -- and a bunch of new Windows Phone hardware, including the HTC 8X (I've played with that, and it's freakin' gorgeous), and the more portly Nokia Lumia 810, which I saw last week in San Diego. Microsoft is finally showing off Windows Phone 8 on the morning of Oct. 29 in San Francisco, and one phone does not a showcase make. There will be more than Nexus, one way or the other.

Oh, and there's a pretty good chance this might happen as well. We hope.

Phil Nickinson