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This is big. Really big. Based on the above leaked document (and assuming it's legit), it seems as though T-Mobile is poised to start offering unlimited data starting September 5th. You're saying wait, doesn't T-Mobile already offer "unlimited" data? Notice the lack of quotes around unlimited. We're talking completely unthrottled, uncapped, unlimited data available to any T-Mobile customer on a Classic Plan or Value Plan, for the simple price of $30 or $20, respectively. On both plans, that's only a $10 bump from the basic 2GB plan, which after that point is throttled to about 60 kbps download and 150 kbps upload. The only caveat, it seems, is that these new unlimited plans are not compatible with T-Mobile's Mobile HotSpot add-on. Those who want to go legit and pay for tethering on their plan will still be limited to 5 GB and 10 GB data tiers, at least for now.

If the above picture doesn't make you giddy as a schoolgirl, it really should. The combination of a T-Mobile Value Plan with completely unlimited data and an unlocked Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store is something smartphone nerds have wet dreams about. T-Mobile's Value Plans, if you're not familiar, are the exact same as their Classic Plans, but are cheaper and do not offer a device subsidy. This is perfect for those of us who like to buy and switch phones all the time, and don't want to keep paying the carrier for a device subsidy we didn't use. The unlimited data is just icing on the cake here, especially when we consider that T-Mobile is rolling out 42mbps HSPA+ pretty much nationwide at this point.

If true, this really could be a fantastic option for a lot of people who want truly unlimited data at speeds that are actually acceptable, unlike what we've seen from Sprint as of late.

Source: TmoNews