T-Mobile offering free wireless charger with white Nexus 4 purchase

Web-only discount drops Nexus 4 to $0 down or $408 outright

T-Mobile has just started up a promotion that throws in a free wireless charging orb with the purchase of a white Nexus 4 from its online store. In addition, T-Mobile has also dropped the price on the white version of the Nexus 4 to $0 down with 24 months of $17 payments, or a total of just $408. That makes the 16GB white version of the phone ring up at $50 less than the black version of the handset from T-Mobile, which additionally doesn't seem to get the free charger offer deal either.

All-in if you plan to buy a Nexus 4 and wireless charger, you'll come out a couple dollars cheaper than buying them together from Google Play, more so including the fact that T-Mobile offers free shipping. It's nice to have this low price available for those wanting to pick up a device on a payment plan with T-Mobile service as well.

The deal is a "limited time offer", so if you've been waiting for a nice deal to pick up a Nexus 4 with T-Mobile, now is the time. Hit up the source link below to order your own.

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab); Via: Android and Me

Andrew Martonik

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  • If only that wireless charger worked. I returned mine, kept sliding off of the charger.
  • I don't buy that. With a case on, the non-slip face of the charger keeps my phone from sliding, I have to incline more than double the built-in angle to get it so slip. W/O the case, it holds tight all the way to 180 degrees (yes, upside down).
  • Too bad a whole lot of people have the same issue with it slipping off then.
  • I think Google is trying to sell you a bumper, this phone is really slippery. You can get the Poetic borderline 1 for 10$, but what is the point of that when you are trying to keep your back crispy? Glass back phones are not a big deal to me, I prefer plastic
  • What the hell???? I got jack squat with mine, now if you buy it from google or tmo you get free stuff! I'm starting to feel a little bit like I was ripped off just because I bought mine early! I like free stuff too, you know lol
  • Next time don`t be the first adopter... You wouldn`t feel that way. You must learned the hard way like me.
  • Guess it depends on where you bought it early from. If you got it early from Google Play for $350. Then you didn't miss out on anything. Because T-Mobile's white Nexus 4 costs $408 and includes the "free" charger. And since the charger sucks anyway, if you just bought the phone by itself from Google Play you are better off..
  • $380 with tax from Google Play.
  • T-Mobile isn't tax-free, you know. Posted via Android Central App
  • This is going to happen every time with every kind of technology. You're paying a little "extra" to have it first (or early). Yes there will be deals later on to get people to buy a device that is a bit old now, but I don't think waiting several months to buy the Nexus 4 is worth saving $50 or getting a free charger. I think most of us are completely happy with having paid full retail for the Nexus 4 the day it came out.
  • You never heard of Moore's Law? I saw a Nexus One on Dailysteals for under 100$ last holiday season, so I'm just waiting for the price to come down for the wireless charger
  • Wow what a deal! Posted via Android Central App
  • trying to switch over from a prepaid to a regular tmobile account to get this and they are givign me a hard time. plus i'm goign to have to pay about 15 bucks a month more in taxes. not sure if this is worth it
  • I had a lot of trouble trying to do the same but I went to a T-Mobile store and they got it all straightened out. Also they had me pay the taxes up front for the phone not monthly.
  • They offer this every so often. But the price drop in addition to is new. We were going to get the free charger a few weeks ago then it went away and they offered 0 down. We took that since the charger didn't get good reviews, then 2 days later they brought the free charger back. I supposed I could have left it in the box and sold it if I got it. I'll be getting the LG disk instead, cheaper and doesn't slide off.
  • LMFAO. I've got three Nexus wireless chargers, none have the "slide off" problem. Despite the Eeyores, this IS a pretty good deal. Doesn't include the bonus white bumper though, does it? Posted via Android Central App
  • Same thing my wireless charger is flawless. IDK why people complain....I love my charger.
  • +1 here. I have never had a problem.
  • Simple: they're full of it. They've never had or tried it but feel the need to bash because it doesn't do what they wish it would.
  • They should've made this charger more "dock-like".. The orb thing is cute & all but not too functional with so many ppl complaining that the phone slides off..
  • Does it include the bumper that Google is throwing in free now because nobody was willing to pay $20 for a $5 half-case?
  • No, it doesn't come with the free bumper.
  • I bought the black nexus 4 on Friday in store... It was $20 down and I got the free wireless charger... Not to mention the white one has been $0 down since Thursday.
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  • how much is that ? where i can buy one ? send me message