T-Mobile SIM

T-Mobile just keeps plugging away at its "UNcarrier" revolutionizing of the company, and the latest development is a new take on international roaming. The so-called third phase of its UNcarrier branding is going global, and it means that customers with a new Simple Choice plan from T-Mobile will be able to take their device from country-to-country without incurring serious roaming charges.

The new coverage will be available starting October 31st, and will offer unlimited data and texting to any Simple Choice plan customer in any of the over 100 "Simple Global" countries around the world. International roaming voice calls are getting better, too, with a new flat rate of $0.20 per minute in any of the same Simple Global countries.

It's a big change from T-Mobile's previous stance on international roaming, which was horribly expensive by any measure — costing somewhere around $10 to $15 per MB used abroad previously.

Moving beyond international data roaming, T-Mobile is also making it easier for folks in the U.S. to keep up with their friends and family internationally. A new "Stateside International Talk & Text" feature will cost $10 per month for Simple Choice customers and offer discounted calls and texts from the U.S. to all Simple Global countries. Customers will never pay more than $0.20 per minute to any number in any Simple Global country, unlimited texting is included to any of the countries and calls to landlines in more than 70 countries will be unlimited at no additional cost.

Source: T-Mobile