Starting yesterday, T-Mobile has changed its tethering bundle options associated with its unlimited data "Simple Choice" plans to both increase data buckets and reduce costs across the board. Although it may not be the most genuine of options, T-Mobile currently limits the amount of hotspot date you may use, even if you have a truly unlimited data plan. Luckily those limits are increasing, with the new minimum amount of SMHS (Smartphone Mobile Hotspot) data being set at 2.5GB per month, up from 500MB, on the base $20 data plan.

Additional hotspot data buckets can be purchased just as before, but the amount of data included is increasing per dollar and there is a new highest option available. If you want to hotspot for more than 2.5GB per month, you can now choose a 4.5GB SMHS bundle for $10 extra per month or an all-new 6.5GB bundle for $20 extra. The 6.5GB option wasn't available previously, and the cost of the 4.5 and 2.5GB options have dropped by $10 each — here's the new structure:

  • Unlimited data w/ 2.5GB of SMHS: $20/month
  • Unlimited data w/ 4.5GB of SMHS: $30/month
  • Unlimited data w/ 6.5GB of SMHS: $40/month

Its unfortunate that there isn't an even cheaper 500MB option for those wanting to use even less data, but bumping the minimum amount offered to 2.5GB with no increase in price is a pretty great tradeoff. In the end we really wish T-Mobile would just let "unlimited" users actually use the data they way they want, but at least this is a step in the right direction.

Source: T-Mobile; Via: TmoNews

T-Mobile Hotspot plans

T-Mobile Hotspot plans