T-Mobile myTouch 3G to receive Froyo beginning tomorrow

The myTouch 3G on T-Mobile will finally be receiving its Froyo OTA starting tomorrow, according to a leaked slide on TmoNews. Joining the Froyo club will bring many improvements for myTouch 3G users, including full Microsoft Exchange support, an improved Android Market including a widget, the Faves Gallery and much more. For a full list of features, check the source link and our Froyo Features section.

This is great news for myTouch 3G users who have been waiting patiently for their update. The OTA will begin tomorrow, but will roll-out over the coming weeks, so be patient if yours does not arrive tomorrow. Put another Android device in the ever increasing Froyo club. [Tmo News]

  • This is great that Tmobile is actually updating such an old phone,especially froyo since I thought they were getting eclair
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  • I thought it was dead! And its getting Froyo?!? Jeeze..
    Now its time for the slide and Vibrant and maybe bringing that new G2 update to everyone?
  • Are there any news in Android world other than what old phone is "getting Froyo"? This seems to be 90% of the news on Android blogging scene, and it's totally mind numbing.
  • First, it's "is there" not "are there." Second, wouldn't you like to know if your phone is getting an update? I don't even have the Mytouch and I think this is useful.
  • Any word if it will be stock 2.2 or a FroYo version of Espresso? My guess is Espresso....
  • Oh sure, Tmo, update the old phones and leave the people who just dropped $500 on your Vibrant waiting as usual. Tmo is HORRIBLE with updates. I guess by the time my Vibrant gets Froyo, Gingerbread will be here!!!
  • Vibrant = Samsung myTouch 3G = HTC You're barking up the wrong tree. Not to say T-Mobile doesn't play a role in the update process, but they can only act once the manufacturer does.
  • Tmo has always sucked with regular updates. I came from Blackberry and I had a Curve 8900. It took them almost a full year before I got the 5.0 software. They are historically slow as hell, so I won't pass judgement on Samsung just yet. With that said, just seems like Tmo wants to push "their" phones, i.e., Mytouch, Slide etc.
  • last they said anything, it was going to be a Lite version of Espresso. Guess we will find out tomorrow. Well, good, thats one less "good phone gone bad" story from bad updates.. I wonder if Moto is feeling sad now that the Mytouch is getting 2.2 and they are still trying to figure out how to put the cliq on 2.1.. lol
  • I'm assuming this included the mytouch 3g Slide?
  • The second Android phone can get Froyo, but all these other phones can't. Now we know these other companies are bullshitting.
  • Wow so the Sprint HTC Hero can't get Froyo because the hardware " on " can't support it yet the My Touch 3g which actually has the same processor but less over all memory 192 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM(my touch) vs 288 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM (hero) gets the update come on Sprint quit BS'ing us and support your product. Congrats to the my touch users guess T-Mobile cares more about there customers then Sprint does.
  • The Hero won't get updated not because of the Hardware, it's so you can go buy an Evo with Froyo instead of staying with your Hero. I think it's a smart move. And there's not a big difference between 2.1 and 2.2 either. 1.5 to 2.1 was huge, drastic, insane, pure awesomeness.
  • I understand the whole EVO thing and if it was actually available in my area I would have bought one already but because Sprint's towers in South Dakota and Iowa are owned by a company called Swiftel and has not come to an agreement with Sprint to carry any 4g phones at this point that is out of the question. That being said how do you figure there is not a big difference between 2.1 and 2.2? Did you forgot about JIT, or maybe the built in ability to move apps to the sd card with out having to enable a 3rd party app like apps2sd, or the better power and memory management. Granted most features of Froyo can be found in custom 2.1 roms but to say there is not much of a difference is an understand to say the least.
  • The Nexus One is the only phone I saw that benefited from JIT. And if you have a slow phone, JIT isn't going to make it like Speedy Gonzales. Same with better power and memory management. I think Apps2sd is a cool feature. But not all apps support it, and I've never needed extra space to install apps. Maybe in the future when apps start to get even larger i'll run out of space. But I think for right now, 2.1 is perfectly suitable.
  • Hero has had Froyo available for a little while now. This is like waiting for Dell to officially upgrade your laptop from Vista to 7. You own it. Take control. http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=643
  • It would be nice to have an article written that tells users what a Froyo upgrade does to a working phone. I am not talking features.... I mean what iss wiped... what should be backed up... what about apps... what about the sd card... I expect my Epic to be updated soon and I would like to know what to expect.
  • It never ceases to amaze me how people bitch just to bitch. As a MT3G user, this is awesome. Especially since it has been promised since before the Vibrant (or any of the Samsung phones) was released.
  • WTF MT3G Phones Get Froyo but not the Hero!?!?!?
  • http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=643 Plenty to choose from.
  • Heres hoping the vodafone magic gets it as well (same phone)
  • Glad to see HTC and T-Mobile getting the 2.2 update out when most figured 2.1 would be as high as the support from the Manufacturer and Carrier would go. As for all you Galaxy Series owners (I am one too) we will get our update. Our phones are quite good as is, and yes Froyo will make them better, but we aren't the only ones out there waiting. We just have to wait until it is our turn.
  • Lol please galaxy S owners be quiet and stop complaining mytouch has been waiting way longer then u guys while u guys been wait only like 2 months so b fair and don't b babys unlike me I'm a cliq owner so I'm screwed so u guys r lucky and lucky of what u already have
  • Has anyone actually received the update yet?
  • I've heard that the first myTouch (the one without a 3.5mm headphone jack) won't be included in this update. Anybody know more about that?
  • A couple people started reporting getting the update about an hour ago on twitter. Should be any time now for others now....