T-Mobile myTouch 3G Launch Info Leaked

Want to know more about the T-Mobile myTouch 3G and can't wait for today's media event? Well, Tmonews got a heck of a grab: pricing, launch info, and target release dates for the myTouch 3G. And though it's great to finally get the details on the myTouch 3G (a device that should have been released months ago), not all news is good news.

For one, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G is going to go on sale for $199.99 with new two year contracts, an acceptable amount...last year. With the iPhone 3G being available for $99, T-Mobile should have realized that the new mark has been set and matched their pricing. And honestly speaking, the myTouch 3G aka the HTC Magic is hardly a 'new' handset that'll justify the "premium" pricing. Wouldn't it make sense to draw more customers at the $99 price point especially when there's not significantly better than the current G1? The HTC Hero at $199 makes sense but the myTouch 3G? Even Rogers has the HTC Magic for $99!

What's going on T-Mobile? Guess we'll find out for sure today.

Hit the jump for the rest of the launch info!

  • Aside from the form factor and additional usable memory, there isn't much difference between the G1 and the MyTouch. The OS is exactly the same. So I don't see the value in paying $200 to get a couple hundred more MB of space. Now if this was the Samsung i7500 with it's 8GB on-board, brighter screen and better camera.... well, $200 sounds like a bargain.
  • I predict T-Mobile will realize this soon enough after the lackluster demand shortly after release. Unfortunately they and HTC still have a monopoly on the Android market in the U.S. I can't wait for the other manufacturers and carriers to get onboard. I'm personally waiting for the Sciphone N12 (to be released end of July) with no contract and a little over $200.
  • Another problem with myTouch is the RAM. Rogers version of the Magic has 288 MB. The T-Mobile version only has 192 MB. It feels like T-Mobile is really trying to rip us off.
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