T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ Off-Contract Price is $449.99

If you were interested in the price of the Motorola CLIQ off-contract, you'll be happy (or is it sad?) to know that it's $449.99. For that gigantic lump sum, you'll be able to avoid a 2-year contract and still enjoy MOTOBLUR to its fullest (but you'll still probably need a data plan).

Luckily, if you don't qualify for the $199 pricing (which we personally feel is too high), there'll be a varied pricing structure depending on the status of your T-Mobile contract--so hopefully not too many of us will have to pay the $449 price.

How do you guys feel about the T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ's price of $199 with 2 year contract and $449 off contract? Will you be buying one?

[via tmonews]

Casey Chan