T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ Off-Contract Price is $449.99

If you were interested in the price of the Motorola CLIQ off-contract, you'll be happy (or is it sad?) to know that it's $449.99. For that gigantic lump sum, you'll be able to avoid a 2-year contract and still enjoy MOTOBLUR to its fullest (but you'll still probably need a data plan).

Luckily, if you don't qualify for the $199 pricing (which we personally feel is too high), there'll be a varied pricing structure depending on the status of your T-Mobile contract--so hopefully not too many of us will have to pay the $449 price.

How do you guys feel about the T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ's price of $199 with 2 year contract and $449 off contract? Will you be buying one?

[via tmonews]

Casey Chan
  • Both prices are a little steep. Quite frankly no reviews yet on the actual phone yet, though I could be wrong. Though I am curious of this motoblur ui.... lets see what happens, maybe a few months from now another phone will come out and just like mytouch the prices dropped. Only a matter of time.... or possibly someone will port the motoblur rom over to all other devices G1 and myTouch. I don't see myself getting a CLIQ as I just purchased a myTouch month ago. Would have loved to buy it straight up if it was a little bit cheaper. I think $449.99 is a little too high.
  • Trust me, I just left Sprint for T-Mobile. You don't want to go there. Also, don't underestimate the convience of SIM Card based phones vs. Sprint/Verizon phones which must be activated by the carrier. Besides, T-Mobile and Motorola still have time to evaluate the pricing.
  • T-Mobile always does this... introduce a product that does not go hand in hand with the current competition. If they want to make some noise and get people over here.... drop the price to around $129.99 or better yet $99, and see the reaction. Shame on Motorola not pushing T-Mobile to do so. This is suppose to be their "comeback" but with these prices I dont think so. Even the HTC Hero is $20 cheaper than this! The Pre and iPhone 3G go for $99! I am seriously considering leaving T-Mobile for Sprint..way better prices, and coverage in my area (Dallas). I am currently using the MyTouch from T-Mobile and I like it alot, but this is T-Mobile's 2nd Android device and guess what? Still no multi touch! Yet Sprint comes out with their 1st on and it already comes with it!-Lame!
  • Think about something. If you pay 20 more for a phone, and change your phone twice a year, then you will be paying a WHOPPING 40 MORE DOLLARS A YEAR!!! Wow a lot huh. Whats the matter, too much for ya?? And just for the record only 8 percent of the touchscreen phones in the WORLD have multi-touch. And carriers don't "come out" with their own phones, wise guy. The adopt phones that manufacturers make and put a little spin on it. I advise you to leave T-mobile and go to Sprint. Only because you don't wanna pay a few more bucks once a year. Good luck!=]
  • I agree completely. I happen to think T-Mo has great prices. Have you checked out Sprint's off contract prices? Now THAT's criminal. At $450 the CLIQ is actually cheaper than I thought it would be. I may consider it since I have an interest in Android but darn this BB 8900 is nice. Don't even ask what THIS baby is off contract.
  • Forgive me for the dumb question, but what practically does it means to get the Cliq off-contract? That one can use it with any plan (including prepaid ones) on any service?
  • One reason a person would want to pay off-contract is because maybe the person does not want to be locked on a contract, getting on contract would re-new contract and the person now got locked into a 2-year contract. You also raise the point where some might want to try a pre-paid service. As for any service, I'm pretty sure that would require the phone to be unlocked which I'm sure its possible. Maybe not right away but its almost always possible.
  • It means if you wanted to buy it without extending your contract or signing into a new contract, so you would just be buying the phone itself and would not be tied down to a two year agreement.
  • I wouldnt get a Motorola phone for free. I have had 2 and their quality was garbage. Until they improve their phones I will never get another one.
  • What was it about them specifically that you didn't like? In case you change your mind, T-Mobile is giving away a Cliq a day for the new few weeks (as well as a handful of all-inclusive vacations). You can visit http://t-mobile/cliq to enter and get more information. I'm working with T-Mobile so feel free to ask me any questions as well.
  • whoops, meant http://t-mobile.com/cliq
  • I would like to know how to get one of those free cliqs. When I go to the page, I cannot find out how to get this information. Please help me out.
  • Sure thing! If you click "Register For Updates" you're directed to this screen: https://cliq.t-mobile.com/register.aspx By registering for updates, you're automatically entered in the sweeps for the free phone and the vacation :-) On this page, you can also find the official rules, more information about the phone and a demo on how the phone works.
  • The off-contract price is only $100 more than the 2-year contract price for the Touch Pro2 -- sounds like a good deal to me.
  • I got a Galaxy for only about $70 more than the off-contract price, which I would have paid anyway, so I'm thinking I made the right decision.
  • I'm going to pick one up at launch. I currently use the Sidekick LX and for my purposes it works fine, but this is more what I wanted in the last sidekick upgrade. I really prefer the hardware keyboard over virtual, and this adds video and consolidates all my contacts from the sites and contact lists I use most. On top of that I get 20% all T-mobile handsets through my work,so I can buy a 32 gig mem card to boot.
  • uhh, yea. 200 bux for the new "top of the line" type of phone? Thats not expencive, thats NORMAL. concidering your getting android on a well powered handset, with a good size capacitive touch screen, keyboard and a 5mpx camera, what is the complaint? Last I checked, jesusphones still go for that much and dont have that many features.
    T-mobile, like every other major cell carrier, trades a 2 year contract for a discount on the phone. The cell carrier eats the pricing on the phone (they actually do buy it for prob 80% of the full retail cost on average) and makes it back on the data plans. Concidering Tmobile's plans are already cheaper than everyone else, they do have to turn a profit somewhere... soo. oi.. Do you think ATT, VZW or Sprint would release a phone w/ that many features for 100 bux at launch? NO,So why would Tmo? now that i got that breath out... i cant wait. I just won one at work, so mine will be FREEE 30 FREE :)
  • While I love my G1, T-mo just doesn't have good enough coverage in mid-to-southern Iowa, so, it's Verizon for me as soon as Sholes/Tao/Droid is out. The Cliq is sharp though !
  • The phone providers have us on a short leash and will continue to take advantage until we demand the phones we want, on the networks we want, with only the services we want. I'm way beyond fed up dealing with their "exclusive" phones and contracts. It's PAYG for me which is one reason I like Android and GSM.
  • I really was looking foward to getting this phone, but it's pretty expensive. It was suppose to be a cheaper way instead of buying a G1. Still, my opinion is that it should'nt be so high for existing TMo users to get a new phone, if not new contract price, alteast discount on retail. They'd probably make more money. I'm an existing TUser and I'm pretty pissed because i was looking foward to this phone. :( -sigh-
  • i think it's pretty ridiculous, with the economy in recession it's pointless if you want your product to be marketed make the money of cheaper prices & bring more customers to tmobile of the complexity of the phones. 2-yr contracts i suppose $200 sounds reseaonable but i was looking more towards $150, but offcontract should be $300 max, more reasonable price $250.
  • Ah well this Louis Vuittonvideo
  • I understand that all "top of the line" phones are going for $200 right now. And by "top of the line", I mean the iPhone 3g. But the iPhone 3g has 16GB internal memory. The Cliq barely has any so I don't see why it should be so expensive. I'll admit... I like the phone alot of would really like to purchase one because it has everything I wanted in the iPhone and then some. I don't need my iPod and my phone to be the same thing and I hate touch screen keyboards.
  • Of course I would love to get it cheaper, but $199 isn't too steep for me. It's probably the max I would pay without a guilty conscience, actually. So that works out well for me. :)
  • Give loyal customers a break, i have been a t mobile customer for 7 years and still have not gotten one new phone or a break! I asked for a break on the My touch and said they would do me a favor and sell it for $149.99...........THAT'S THE SAME PRICE YOU ARE OFFERING TO NEW CUSTOMERS! T MOBILE IS A RIP OFF.....TREAT THE LOYAL CUSTOMERS, WITH SOME DECENTSY! I SAY!
  • PROTIP: After being a loyal TMo customer for over seven years, you are due for an upgrade. You could have upgraded your phone five years ago and twice more after that. If you want a phone that isn't free to new customers, you would pay the new customer price with a contract extention. So yeah, that's pretty decent. They don't have to give you a free phone if it's not free to new customers! BTW: It's "decency", not "DECENTSY".
  • Having just been burned by T-Mobil in the whole Sidekick fiasco, I am reluctant to put my money and faith in another device where data is stored "in the cloud" - the MotoBLUR stuff takes your information away fromt he device and stores it elsewhere, which is great in theory - not so great in practice. I agree that the era of iPhone dominance is not coming to an end anytime soon when other carriers offer devices at prices like this. $450 for this phone is just slightly insane.