T-Mobile is making the myTouch 3G Slide the center of its universe

To no one's surprise, T-Mobile is positioning the myTouch 3G Slide as its next big device launch. In fact, from these leaked slides, it looks like their building an entire summer campaign around the myTouch brand. We've been decently impressed with what we've seen in the myTouch 3G Slide and think it vibes with all those current and former Sidekick, T-Mobile G1, and myTouch 3G users. Given that most people who bought the G1 are due for an upgrade, the myTouch 3G Slide's release can't come at a more perfect time.

Some cool details in the leaked slides show that there'll be A LOT of advertising for the myTouch 3G Slide (like for the original myTouch) and a big push on accessories (which we're sure you'll be able to find here). What's interesting is that though the launch date is June 2, myTouch 3G Slides won't be demoed in store until June 7 and the ad campaign doesn't start til June 16. June 17 is marked mysteriously and interestingly as: "STAY TUNED - THIS WILL BE BIG". What could that mean? [via engadget]

Casey Chan