T-Mobile Galaxy S2 receiving small OTA update, still ICS for now

The T-Mobile version of the Galaxy SII (S2) is receiving an update today, either via OTA or Samsung Kies, that keeps the device on Android 4.0.4 but brings a few needed fixes. The update, which can bring you to baseband version T989UVLI1 or T989UVLH1, is just 11MB when downloaded OTA and has a few fixes on board. Apparently a Qualcomm fix is included, along with other security enhancements and Vlingo S Voice improvements.

When first seeing that an update was available for the Galaxy S2 we instantly jumped to conclusions, thinking that this may be the Jelly Bean update. The update started rolling out for the international S2 yesterday, but unfortunately T-Mobile's model is on ICS for just a while longer. Have you received the update via OTA or Kies? Head to the forums and chime in, as some users are already reporting seeing the update arrive on their devices.

Source: T-Mobile Support (opens in new tab); More: T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Forums

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  • I'm going to say it here, if it's ok. Am I the only one who still as this phone?? LMBO Anyhow, Kies Air has the update BUT all back ups are required. Have to do that first before accepting the TERMS. And they want to store your info on their server for 2 years for future... so read the very last thing you have to agree (or not) to. Thank you!
  • No, LadyDi...I own it too. Apparently, mine already has that update. What I want to see is an update to Jelly Bean. Have a good one!
  • Thanks Iggymart. Not seeing much change but I don't know if I was supposed to or not. If this helps it get ready for other updates, JB included, it works for me to keep this phone as relevant as I can. I am not ready for another phone as yet. So said I on every other almost 2 year old phone. Have a great one and thanks or the reply!!
  • I've got it too! Already updated but still cant wait for a nice taste of jellybean lol
  • I agree Sam! Thank you for replying!!
  • Andrew, my baseband version now reads T989UVL14
  • i actually just got my GS2 back in November (i needed a new phone, i was broke and it was free on a contract renewal.) i chose it because it's a solid phone, even if it's not the latest and greatest. i also like the fact that Samsung is still supporting the phone with updates/upgrades, even though it's a year and a half old. of course, i wish they'd roll out their updates faster, but i think most Android users feel that way regardless of which phone they have;) i'm about to update via Kies (the OTA hasn't hit my phone yet), but i'm a bit nervous because i'm rooted. of course i did a full NANDROID backup, but hopefully this goes smoothly. i'm not expecting to see anything major, but i hope this is an indicator that T-Mobile will be rolling out the full JB update over the next few weeks.
  • I hate to be a buzz kill people but after receiving that latest update via Samsung kies and realizing that it was still ics I called Samsung and was informed that the gs2 is not capable of having jellybean, it can only go as far as ics.