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T-Mobile G2X source code now available for download

Despite the T-Mobile G2X having already been rooted and equipped with ClockworkMod, there are still a few things developers out there would like to look at. We can now check source code off that list though as LG has put the download up on their website for all. It may not mean a lot to the everyday user but, the source code should help plenty of developers out there get started on cooking up some custom ROM for this sexy, beast of a device. Hit the source link to get started, after that just search for "LG P999" and it will pop right up for ya. [LG via Android Police]

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  • Sweet! I'm hoping, because of the tremendous lead time advantage it'll have over the Galaxy S2 and even Sensation - that we'll have a decent supply of roms idea's, next-gen widgets and lwp's (all community developer driven) that if those devices aren't worth the wait - we can still count on a great experience from early hardware releases. Similarly, the Xoom looks to be in the same sort of position (minus the source code of course) :) Jack