G2 overclocked

The T-Mobile G2 just got even even better, as the release of the kernel source brings an overclock and giant speed boost to the already fast-as-all-get-out G2 (see our review with stock benchmarks here).  Yes it's still locked, but smart folks always end up doing smart things and coolbho3k (the man behind setCPU, and overclocking genius) has worked out a method, and may even be releasing it tonight.  Hit the break for some benchmark scores, everyone loves benchmarks! [@coolbho3k]

Quadrant score

G2 overclocked Quadrant

Quadrant is a benchmark of the CPU speed, file input and output speeds, and 2D and 3D graphics speed.  Unfortunately we don't get a Quadrant Pro screencap that shows the breakdown.  The jump from the 1500's to what you see is all CPU speed increase, so imagine it with other file system tweaks in place!

LinPack score

G2 overclock Linpack score

Linpack measures the ability of the CPU to perform floating point operations -- it throws complicated "new math" at it and sees how long it takes to finish.  Any score above 35 is fast, and seeing a 40 should stifle all the "it's only 800 MHz" talk for good.