T-Mobile G2 pre-orders sold out

T-Mobile has announced that the G2 is no longer available for pre-order for existing subscribers on their website.  According to T-Mobile, this is due to "overwhelming demand." (Or, as Dallin points out, because Oct. 6 is when it was official to go on sale anyway.)  This is a perfect way to wrap up one of the oddest phone launches in recent history -- first there was the pre-order debacle many went through before T-Mobile got the website straightened out, then the news that Radio Shack would be selling early, followed by T-Mobile themselves selling the phone a few days early.

If you get one of these in your hands already, or got in on the pre-order and are pacing up and down the driveway waiting for delivery, looks like your timing was great.  If there really will be stock issues, who knows how long the wait will be.  [T-Mobile] Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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