T-Mobile G2 now available online from Costco [From the Forums]

We figured that Costco was going to be selling the T-Mobile G2, based on a tip and a screenshot from Costco's internal systems, and today we find that it's now available for online ordering from the bulk discount warehouse giant.  The deal gets better, as Android Central Forums member CrAZ points out the G2 also includes a free accessory kit containing a handsfree earbud, case, car charger, and a bluetooth headset.

There's a small catch though, as Costco is only selling the G2 to those with an available upgrade -- so no outright sales or flex-pay are available.  The contract renewal price is $199.99, with none of that mail-in rebate we all love to hate.  Hit the source link to learn more.  [Android Central Forums]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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