T-Mobile G1 Inventory Updates

TmoNews has reported that the white version of the T-Mobile G1 is expected to be released after the Thanksgiving Holiday. If you remember correctly, the much anticipated, in-heavy-demand white G1 suffered from paint chipping issues that delayed its release. Though TmoNews is conservative in its estimate, we at Android Central have been hearing that the white version won't release until 2009. Hopefully, we're wrong because the white is HAWT.

Other inventory updates include the bronze version being removed from my-tmobile because of heavy demand --  it should be available around November 24th. The black version is on back order online and customers who made orders after Nov 5th should expect their G1 to arrive before Nov 24th (fingers crossed).

Is anyone still waiting on their T-Mobile G1? Perhaps, the elusive white version?

Casey Chan
  • What?! I had trouble getting black one in the UK and every store had excess of white ones :)
  • I originally got the black G1 (since the white hadn't been released). I recently exchanged the black one for the white version, and I have to say that I'm much happier with the white! It seems to be built a little differently (perhaps an improvement made while fixing the paint issue?). The screen on the black and brown phones are loose and teeter back and forth in the opened position while making a discerning sound when you shake it; the white phones do not do this. In addition, the white phones are actually lighter than the black and brown phones! Best of all, the white G1's are definitely the most attractive!
  • I dunno. I guess I'd go with the black model, too. While the white might hide what seems to be an unimpressive matte finish, the black seems a bit more "serious," if that makes any sense. All this, if I were going to buy a G1, that is.