T-Mobile Drops Price of T-Mobile G1 to $129.99, Amazon Still a Better Deal

T-Mobile just dropped the price of the T-Mobile G1 (opens in new tab), a device that's still near and dear to our hearts, to $129.99. If you've been following the riveting tale of price drops on the G1, it launched at $179.99 then lowered to $149.99 and is now at $129.99. T-Mobile is probably trying to move as many G1s as they can (with the CLIQ coming out) and though we appreciate the price drop, seriously, still $129.99?

For comparisons sake, Rogers offers both the T-Mobile G1 (Dream) and myTouch 3G (Magic) for $79.99. Even in the US, Amazon sells the T-Mobile G1 for $97.77. There's no reason T-Mobile should keep a premium on the T-Mobile G1 nearly a year after launch. We say if you still want the T-Mobile G1, buy it through Amazon and if you can wait, wait for the CLIQ.

What do you guys think?

[via phandroid]

Casey Chan
  • I'm not proud to say I paid somewhere around $400 for my G1 at the T-Mobile store about 4 or 5 months ago so that I could be without a contract. I mean I'm happy to have no contract but yeah, $400 seems a bit excessive compared to the prices I'm seeing now. BUT if you look at the features this phone has, IMHO anything under $300 (no contract) is a steal. I'm guessing the numbers you are mentioning, though, are WITH contract... ?
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