Leading up to the back-to-school season, T-Mobile is preparing to equip soon-to-be-impoverished students with mobile gear thanks to a new Equipment Installation Plan payment option for accessories priced $69 - $250. That means you can get fancy stuff like Bluetooth speakers or smartwatches for $0-down and pay it back over the course of 24 months.

T-Mobile has a bunch of other lures for students, including unlimited music streaming and discounts on getting an iPhone and iPad together. It seems weird to offer installment plans for gear that's largely affordable, but that's not the case for everyone, especially when it comes to extras that are mostly considered non-essential. Besides, getting a decent smartwatch for no money down doesn't sound like an awful deal.

T-Mobile's EIP options for accessories go live on July 20. Would you guys ever get an accessory on an installment plan like this? Are there accessories you've been eyeballing but have skipped because there's too much of an up-front cost?

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