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T-Mobile announces the G2, with HSPA+ data speeds

T-Mobile this morning announced the G2, the follow-up to the very first Android smartphone, the G1. And the sequel will be the first to sport T-Mobile's HSPA+ data speeds (which it's touting as being 4G). T-Mo's still being a bit of a tease, not actually showing us the phone yet (our guess is still the HTC Vision/Blaze slider), but it promises to share more details n the coming weeks, and that there will be "exclusive first access to current T-Mobile customers."

As to when we'll see the G2? We've got that leaked roadmap showing the "Vanguard" in September, and a previous story saying the first HSPA+ phone was due in September, so put two and two together and there you go. [T-Mobile (opens in new tab)]

  • The Blaze? My guess is the MY touch HD... Makes sense with the my touch HD leak showing the genius button and this doesn't...
  • Its the HTC vision, 800hz snapdragon msm7230. It will have stock android running froyo. It may only be 800mhz but the chipset is newer than the snapdragon in the nexus. Or any other snapdragon currently out.
  • Sez who...?
  • that the dual-core snapdragon?
    Whats the screen specs?
  • Thats cool. Awesome for T-mobile owners and Android fans.
  • I keep reading and hearing people accusing T-Mo of claiming HSPA+ is 4g. Can someone point me to these claims? Everything I've seen from T-Mo is careful to say something along the lines of "4g like" speeds on HSPA+. It might seem minor, but one is intelligent marketing and one is a lie. Everyone seems to be accusing them of lying so I'm wondering if I missed that story.
  • Literal_net - Their ad on this page says it will "run at 4g speeds". That sounds a little misleading to me. Although i guess there is no real classification for what 4g is. It certainly isn't as fast as wimax or lte. Just my $.02
  • Actually HSPA+ has the potential for higher speeds than wimax or lte, if I'm not mistaken the Max for wimax and Ltd is like 12mbs where as the Max potential for HSPA+ is like 21mbs tmobile may have less coverage than other carriers but because they waited on upgrading their tech they are in a better position to upgrade to HSPA+ faster and cheaper than any other carrier. BTW not a tmobile user
  • LTE:
    "LTE has a theoretical net bit rate capacity of up to 100 Mbit/s in the downlink and 50 Mbit/s in the uplink if a 20 MHz channel is used" HSPA+:
    "HSPA+ provides HSPA data rates up to 56 Mbit/s on the downlink and 22 Mbit/s on the uplink" And also here, theoretical. "The 56 Mbit/s and 22 Mbit/s represent theoretical peak sector speeds." WiMAX:
    "offers peak data rates of 128 Mbit/s downlink and 56 Mbit/s uplink over 20 MHz wide channels." HSPA+ is still 3G, but improved. While LTE and WiMAX is more or less branded as 4G.
  • kinda off topic, but i recently updated my Nexus One with CM 6... and I'm getting incredible speeds, as it looks to be accessing the HPSA network.... so how is it the G2 is being touted as the first one... really, upload isnt that great but I'm getting close to 4mb down....
  • In order for Android to compete with the iPhone, it needed a flagship device. That old faithful "brand" you can rely on and expect to be updated year after year without having to change makes, models, form factors, etc every time you upgrade your phone. With Verizon, that flagship device is the DROID, and now the DROID 2 (if they're smart, they'll have a DROID 3 next year, and a DROID 4 after that). I'm hoping T-Mobile realizes this, and that's why they're sticking with the G1 and now the G2 flagship line of Android phones. If this comes out this year, they better have a G3 next year, then a G4 after that. (I really don't think myTouch is the brand that can accomplish this) That's the only way these phones, and Android in general, will be able to compete with the iPhone in the long run. Just my $0.02. I'm not an iPhanboy or a Phandroid, that's why I have this unbiased, objective point of view. With that said, this may be the phone that (finally) replaces my CLIQ. Rooting and running a custom 2.1 ROM has kept me satisfied for the time being.