T-Mobile adds new BingeOn partners, including YouTube, Discovery Go, Redbull TV and others

T-Mobile has announced a number of new partners for its BingeOn program, including YouTube, Discovery Go, Redbull TV and others. John Legere took to Twitter with some stats that the company has collected, like that millions of subscribers are now streaming more than twice the amount they were before BingeOn, and that on the T-Mobile network you get 480p Netflix instead of the 360p that others are offering.

While T-Mobile's BingeOn isn't perfect, it is still a feature that many seem to be enjoying. If you are using a BingeOn, do these new partners excite you?

Update: AT&T has send Android Central a statement disputing T-Mobile's claims that AT&T only offers 360p streaming of Netflix on its network:

"Once again, T-Mobile is not giving you the complete facts. We do not reduce the resolution of any video on our network – in fact, our customers on 4G LTE can get much higher resolution than T-Mobile's optimized 480p limit."

Jared DiPane
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