SwiftKey 3 keyboard gets update with bug fixes

If you're using SwiftKey 3 for Android on your phone or tablet, you'll want to hit the Google Play Store and grab the new version of the popular keyboard app. The first update to SwiftKey 3 fixes a couple of problematic issues that users may have been facing, related to character mapping and memory management. Specifically, a memory leaking issue has been resolved in today's update -- that's a problem where the app would use more and more memory until it crashed, or was dumped out of RAM by the OS. (That's something you'll want to avoid.)

To pick up the new version of SwiftKey, hit the My Apps tab in the Google Play Store. Alternatively, we've got web linkage below...

Download: SwiftKey 3 (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Is it a good keyboard?
  • its the best!!!
  • downloading now!!!
  • Best keyboard I've ever used
  • It's amazing good. Many times, the auto complete will know the next word you want to type before you even start typing.
  • I bought the phone and tablet versions. How do I integrate the Google voice button into the keyboard? The SwiftKey voice command button is beyond lame and pretty much unusable.
  • It's basically made of happiness.
  • I wish they still had the option to turn off the stupid pop up keys. i dont want it to pop out every time i hit a key. the option was once there, but now its not.
  • Curious if anyone here can answer my questions as I have not heard back from the Devs. I am interested in getting Swiftkey for both my Evo and my Transformer but feel weird about the thought of having to purchase it twice. Both the tablet and regular version of the keyboard list as compatible with both my devices. Has anyone purchased the tablet version of Swiftkey and run it on a phone? Is there any issues with doing so?
  • I can comment on this. First off, you can go use the free trial versions to check out the keyboard on each device and see how they feel. The phone version does work on tablets, but it does not feature the tablet specific layouts. You basically get a large phone keyboard. That said, let me add my personal opinion. I can't live without Swiftkey on my phone. I use it continuously and love it. However, I HATE the tablet version. I'm not sure why, but I just find it much more frustrating to use than the stock ICS tablet keyboard. I think it is because of the backspace, enter and space keys in the stock keyboard. When cramped for space, Swiftkey makes difficult typing easy. I think they make some poor trade offs on tablets though. I'd suggest giving each a try though if you are interested.
  • I bought Thumb Keyboard for Tablets a couple months back and I can say that it also frustrates me like this!! There is something about where the Enter of Backspace button is placed on the split keyboard that always leads me to make mistakes. I have yet to find a tablet keyboard that works well. But then again I have the dock for the Prime so it makes the problem a bit easier to deal with.
  • I bought both. They ran the 10 cent special on it at Christmas, so I snagged it for my phone. My wife also snagged it after trying it out on mine. I believe both are still on sale for $1.99 in the Play Store...so you'd basically be getting a 2 for 1 deal as opposed to the normal price.
  • Alex, how is that LG working out for you?
  • If you have a hard keyboard like me, and you ever capitalize letters or use the function key, this keyboard is terrible. You'll push it once and it will go into every key-press is a function or shift. Major glitch. That's why I no longer use it until I get a phone with no hard keys.
  • No update for Amazon, yet.
  • I have used on/off Swiftkey for about two years. Maybe it's me but I think it's overrated and gets praise from reviewers who don't really use it day to day. The reason I always end up switching back to the stock keyboard is because I seem to always seem to find a bug or glitch or a feature that I don't like yet can't turn off. I just installed it again and I see that I still can't switch to Google Voice Dictation in ICS. Instead you must use Swiftkey's speech recognition which uses Google's old tech and Swiftkey also makes you confirm what you just said. It's annoying and has been a requested fix that they refuse to fix. In the previous version, I also found that I had issues with inserting the cursor to copy and paste or insert text in a paragraph. The cursor would jump around and refuse to drop where I wanted it to drop. This problem did not happen once I switched to the stock ICS keyboard. I do like the fact that they removed the .Com next to the spacebar, which was a real pain because I kept hitting that instead of the space bar. I also like how it generally is pretty good at automatically recognizing whether I am typing in English or Spanish, whereas the stock ICS keyboard requires me to hold the space bar to switch languages. As far as the text prediction goes.. I'm not sure how useful it is to me. Many times I find that it slows me down to have to view what the predictions are and have to press the prediction or decide to press the space bar instead. I will agree that it is eerily good at predicting my next word.. but I still have to focus on that area of the screen and decide if that's the next word I really want to use and then act accordingly. Sometimes I wonder if it's just as fast to just keep typing without thinking about it.
  • i have always wanted to like swiftkey, paid for it and everything, but through three phones (dinc, epic4g, and spectrum) its always one of the slowest keyboards. it can never keep up with my fingers, lags behind,then messes me up. the only keyboard i found that can keep up with regular typing and doesnt require you to check your list of words all the time is hacker keyboard. its amazingly fast, extremely customizable, and fairly good at spelling correction when turned on.
  • Na all these trolls should shut up, it makes your life 10x easier.
  • Good because last night, out of the blue this thing killed about 25 percent of my battery sitting overnight. Never had that before. Hopefully this is the fix. Disclamer though, I LOVE swiftkey otherwise, this is actually the first issue I've ever had with it.
  • I use slideit keyboard is it better than that?