Surface Duo chipping and cracking around its USB-C port

(Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Several Surface Duo owners have seen a crack around the device's USB-C port.
  • In some cases, a piece of the Surface Duo has chipped off of the device.
  • People claim the area around the port cracked while plugging in their devices.

Surface Duo owners have gone to Reddit to share photos of cracked USB-C ports. Several people online report that the body around their Surface Duo's USB-C port has cracked, or even chipped off in some cases. Some reports emerged around the Surface Duo's launch, but the number of cracked devices appears to have increased over this past weekend.

Reddit user 'Foganime' shared an image that shows a piece of the Surface Duo's body completely chipped off. Others, such as Reddit user 'Mrgnarchr,' have a crack around the Surface Duo's USB-C port.

At this point, it's impossible to tell how widespread the issue is, though reports seem to be climbing on the Surface Duo subreddit. There's also a chance that the cracks and chips occurred from people dropping their devices. People state in the comments that they've been gentle with the Surface Duo and that the cracks sometimes occured when just plugging in the device.

Based on these reports, it seems like there is, at minimum, weakness around the port of the Surface Duo. Even if the cracks occurred from people dropping their devices, the damage seems to occur in the same area of the device.

While it won't guarantee that your device won't get damaged, using one of the best Surface Duo cases could help protect your device. As the device becomes more mainstream, more manufacturers release cases for the Surface Duo.

Sean Endicott