Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Leak WhiteSource: YouTube: Tech Rat

What you need to know

  • Supposed images of a Microsoft Surface Duo 2 prototype have leaked.
  • The images show the phone will feature a triple-camera setup on the back.
  • These images also suggest that the Surface Duo 2 will come in a new black color option.

A YouTube video has been found showing off some images of a supposed Microsoft Surface Duo 2 prototype. According to Windows Central, these images are "legitimate," although it seems that this is a "near-final" prototype.

The images confirm previous rumors and speculation that Microsoft will be introducing a new triple-camera setup. Additionally, it's possible that Microsoft could introduce a new black color option, potentially matching the Matte Black color of the Surface Pro X. However, given that these are images of prototypes, it just shows that Microsoft is at least considering releasing its next smartphone with more than just one color.

A couple of other changes could be arriving with the Surface Duo 2 if these images turn out to be the final product. First, the dedicated fingerprint scanner has been removed, potentially favoring an embedded scanner in the power button.

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Second, the USB-C charging port has been moved to the right display and is placed in the center. Considering that Microsoft ran into issues with the charging port being broken with the original Surface Duo, there are hopes that those problems will be rectified with the second iteration.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Black ColorMicrosoft Surface Duo 2 Black ColorMicrosoft Surface Duo 2 Leak Charging PortSource: YouTube: Tech Rat

Unfortunately, the images provided do not show any potential changes to the actual interface of the Surface Duo 2. But according to leaks and rumors, Microsoft is planning on adding flagship specs to match up with the best foldable phones, along with the best Android phones. This means we should see the Snapdragon 888 at the helm, along with features such as 5G connectivity and an NFC chip for contactless payments.

As for what will be possible with those three cameras, there's not much known other than that we could see an ultrawide, telephoto, and wide-angle camera array.

By in large, the design remains unchanged compared to the original Surface Duo. However, the addition of that massive camera bump will mean that you will be unable to fold the phone completely back on itself. This was one of the defining features of the Surface Duo, turning it into a portable digital notebook thanks to the Surface Pen support.

Since these images are just a prototype, there's a chance that the final design could change. We're expecting to see the Surface Duo 2 unveiled later this year, potentially in either September or October.

Two physical screens

Surface Duo Reco

Microsoft Surface Duo

The duality of screens doesn't make for a great experience

Microsoft absolutely nailed the design of the Surface Duo, as it truly blends in quite nicely with the rest of the Surface line. But frustrating updates and outdated specs make the original Surface Duo a non-starter unless you want to something other than the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

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