Sunrise for Android

The highly polished calendar app Sunrise has been updated to include plug-ins from a bunch of outside web services. At launch, Foursquare was a nice addition, but now Evernote reminders can show up in Sunrise, as well as Tripit information for your next flight, and more niche services like Songkick to see when and where local concerts are happening, and deadline syncing for GitHub and Asana.

Sunrise made a strong entrance a few weeks ago based mostly on a buttery-smooth interface and a well-done web component. The app is maturing in functionality very quickly, and we're definitely eager to see which other services get integrated, as well as which usability improvements are implemented. Exchange support for mobile seems like a necessary next step to make this practical for professionals. A search bar would be nice, too.

In any case, Sunrise is shaping up really nicely. How many of you guys prefer it to the native calendar app?

Source: Sunrise