Sub $100 Samsung Android Phone in the Works

We know that Samsung is dabbling with Android, what with the Samsung Galaxy already launched, but did you know that Samsung is planning to release a sub-$100 Android Phone? According to Casey Ryan, Samsung's Product Manager of another device, the Reclaim, "by next year, touch-screen phones, with full Web browsers running the Android operating system will be available for well under $100."

Having a sub-$100 Android Phone in any economy would be a game changer, let alone our current economic state. Details are predictably sparse but we're hoping that Samsung can deliver a compelling option at that price point. That'll certainly get a lot more people into the Android ecosystem!


Casey Chan
  • The handset is only a miniscule obstacle for adopting Android currently. a $100 saving off $1700+ total cost of ownership over 2 years is not effective. What they need to do to adopt more Android is to include wifi but not require 3G data connection so people can use it like Ipod Touch with free wifi and make phone calls/text.
  • This is Awesome! I can't wait for Sprint to start kicking out some new devices. Don't even get me started on Android... I am counting the seconds until Dan finally lets some of us loyal Sprint customers play with some Android devices. October 11th cant come soon enough. HTC Hero and a mystery Samsung Device are filling my nightly dreams. I can't wait to ditch the old Blackberry and step up to a real OS Android.... Here I come! For More AWESOMENESS Visit: If you play Cribbage or enjoy nice craftsmanship you really need to see these Cribbage Boards on this site: Classy Cribbage Enjoy
  • You mean $100 with a subscription , right ? Wake me up when it gets to $100 without a contract. Now that would have been the real bomb. Even if it lacked some features like GPS and stuff.
    Unfortunately the cheap touch screen phones from LG and Samsung are all dumb ones , no OS whatsoever.
    Maybe if Android weren't such a memory and CPU hog but oh well. Nokia has some interesting cheap Symbian touchscreens. And Symbian will free for all soon ...
  • So that would be like 5% off the total cost of ownership of the phone? Big deal.
  • so you do you complainers understand how the economy works? companies create products not to make you happy first and foremost, but to make money. a sub $100 android phone w/o contract? only if it costs like less than $50 to produce, market and deliver. Have some common sense when whining.
  • Maybe if Android weren't such a memory and CPU hog but oh well
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